We are a group of seven romance writers joining together to blog about our journey to publication and after.  We are all friends and members of the Gulf Coast Chapter of RWA.  We write everything from Historical, including the Georgian and Regency eras to more modern “history”; to erotica; to fantasy; to paranormal, including ghosts, werewolves and vampires; to contemporary; and one of us is even working on a YA. The only thing we don’t do is sweet or inspirational. Maybe because none of us are sweet!

We are a band of women that may not seem at first glance to have anything in common but writing but hang around, we’ll surprise you.

6 Responses

  1. Love the new look. I want to live in that house. Can I please??? Can’t wait to read the rest of the intros. Well done ladies.

  2. Wow! Someone does REALLY good work! Do I recognize Oak Alley? Had the best time there (and best mint juleps!). You’ve done a fantastic job on the site!

  3. Just a note, Deidre Knight keeps tweeting about your blog posts but all the android users (mobile phone) just get a black screen telling them that javascript isn’t enabled. this post might help your designer fix the problem if they’re interested but it might be in your template (in other words something for your template designer to consider).


  4. Hi there!

    I’ve just had a click-through from your site to my new site “Wisps from the dazzling darkness” . Would you like to trade links with me? Check out my work, and if you are interested, get back to me.

    Anne Whitaker

    • Sure- I clicked on you as I was intrigued by your post of when your mother in law passed away. I have had some psychic experinces as well and know how they can sometimes be scary. Hope you have made peace with your abilities. I’ll be glad to add you to our blog roll. SFCatty

  5. So awesome to authors working together so well. Good luck to you all 🙂

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