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Hello everyone. Its been awhile. Today lets talk about if we like or dont like famous historical characters in our books. I currently have to books I am writing.  One is a western erotic romance and i am about a quarter done with it. The second book I am writing is a light paranormal.

The paranormal has two iconic heros in it that battled two thousand years ago and now are ready to battle again. But this time the old bad guy is the hero and the good guy is devious and evil!

Who are my characters? None other than Achilles and Hector! I love their stories and well even though the film version of Troy is not exactly correct its still fun to watch.

So how do you feel about famous real life heros being fictional characters in a book? And who would you like to see in a book?

Happy Tuesday folks!

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  1. Having read a little smidge of this- I can’t wait for you to finish it

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