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SAYDEGRACE:  I’m proud to be one of the Sizzlers and sharing the writing journey with such a wonderful group of ladies.

I am the wonderful, terrific, famously fantastic SAYDE GRACE! I reign supreme in a glorious mansion just outside of Fort Worth, Texas with my gorgeous sexy bullriding husband and two wonderful children and their handsome young nanny. We own an operate a cutting horse training and breeding facility. When we aren’t living large in Texas we are living it up in our plantation home off of River Road Louisiana.

YEAH RIGHT! Just kidding, as I type this my two year old is in my lap helping me(who can afford a nanny, especially a handsome one!) , my daughter is in school, and my modest south Alabama home is a far cry from either of my dream homes! But my husband is handsome and sexy.

I’m the Sizzler most likely to write about threesome’s, werewolves, vampires, and more! I write anything from paranormal suspense to erotica to sexy westerns. I hope y’all enjoy the blog as we love blogging!

cimg2336_0033_033 SFCATTY:   The first thing I have to clear up is what my name means.  I am an attorney in my day job, thus the “atty” at the end of my user name.  The “SFC” is my initials.  So, I’m not catty from San Francisco.  Not SF Catty.  I’m so nice, I could never be called Catty.   Say it with me “S” “F” “C” ” atty”.   See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?  I have  a nom de plume.  I write my romances as Jillian Chantal.

I’m published in non-fiction- 6 editions of a bankruptcy manual (Yea, I know- dull, dull, dull).  I have numerous short stories that are published under my real name and a couple as Jillian Chantal.  I have two novels out now with SirenBookStrand and one coming in July 2011 with Desert Breeze Publishing- that one is a historical.  I love to write short stories- they’re fun and quick. And hone skills, I believe.  I write contemporary, mostly. I do have the one  historical and am researching a new one as of February, 2011.  I think I’m going to actually have a series of three historicals- all set in the early to mid 20th century and all taking place partially on an ocean liner.

I am married and have two sons.  I dream of running away to the British Isles with a particular actor that I adore (a gal has to dream, right?)    I also live with a very bossy, spoiled cat.   I love the ladies of the Sizzlers.  We are supportive of each others’ endeavors even though we all have very different personalities.

ROMANCEMAMA:  Arabella Stokes was born in a small cottage in Surrey, and was raised by her loving parents, along with her seven brothers. After attending the Ecole du Bois in Switzerland, she moved to London, where she resides in a  lavish  flat overlooking the Thames, with her husband the heir to. . .me

Oh, who am I kidding?  I was born in Tallahassee, Florida – no rose covered cottage, but definitely the loving parents and just one brother.  I attended Florida State University (let’s go, Seminoles!) for undergraduate and law school, and I have practiced law in NW Florida ever since.

But I do have my own personal Mr. Darcy, and two vivacious daughters. We live in Pensacola, Florida, home of the most beautiful beaches on earth!

Because the practice of law requires great amounts of concentration and because the areas I concentrate on (Family & Children and Criminal Law) are particularly distressing, I come home every night and lose myself in a bright, sparkling romance where everything comes right in the end.

After reading hundreds, nay, thousands of romances, I said “I can do that!” and wrote my first novel, Proof of Love, an 80,000 word Georgian-era historical.  I am now a member of the Gulf Coast and Beau Monde Chapters of the Romance Writers of America, as well as the Romance Critters, Contest Alert and Writing Regency Eloops. I am actively pursuing publication and working on several other projects in various stages of development.

I fell in with this bunch of wild, ungovernable women called the Sizzlers, and together we are enjoying and enduring the madness that is the pursuit of publication.  We are wild, witty and wonderful, if we do say so ourselves. Which we do. Often.  Despite the pitying looks . . .

RITA BAY:  My journey began in southern Alabama.  Over the years, I’ve lived and/or traveled in the eastern US and most of western Europe.  While juggling family and work, I participated in archaelogical digs, earned a black belt in Shotokan karate, prospected for gold and crystals, camped across Europe, and volunteered with the American Red Cross Disaster and Education Services.

Along the way, I’ve worked as a registered nurse, educator and school system administrator.  My first writing efforts included curriculum development, grant-writing, and comprehensive program planning.  I retired early to expand my volunteer work and write wondrous tales of romance and adventure.  I’ve recently finished compiling and editing the records of a 150+-year-old cemetery which is now in print.  I live with my family in the old family home on the Gulf Coast except when I’m in Atlanta, at least for now.

I’ve completed several historical and paranormal novels and novellas. Into the Lyon’s Den, a paranormal shapeshifter novella, is scheduled for publication by Champagne in Summer, 2012. Books I and II of the Montford Chronicles will be published by Siren BookStrand: “His Obsession” will be released in April, 2012 followed by “His Desire” in May, 2012. I’m an active member of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Romance Writers of America and blog with the  Sizzlers  at the Southern Sizzle Romance blog.  Visit me and read excerpts of my stories at

LIZBETH: I am the shy, quiet member the rest of the wonderful sizzlers allow to be part of their exciting world. If it were not for the encouragement and support this great group of ladies, I would probably still be hiding the fact that I enjoy writing romance and lying about why I spend so much time with my nose stuck in a computer.

Unlike the others who are Southern born and bred, my life began in Alaska but that brief month is a chapter best left in the past. Since then I have called the same Northwest Florida town home and raised three wonderful children who have grown into somewhat “responsible” adults.

I write romance of just about every genre: fantasy, paranormal, suspense, and most recently trying out my hand at young adult. Other than one short story published in an online magazine, I am not quiet as confident as the rest of the sizzlers in submitting and pursing publication. I hope that with their successes, maybe one day I too will follow in their footsteps.

RUNERE McLAIN: I can’t remember a time I didn’t write; and I always found a way to incorporate writing into every job position I’ve ever held. A florist, musician, shrimper, oil field vessel operator, magazine staff writer, and casino worker (from craps dealer to pit boss) my career path has been long and diversified, and I’ve loved every job. I can say life has contributed a wealth of memorable individuals and experiences, including some wild weather phenomenon.

I’m published in non-fiction and articles, and recently was fortunate enough to publish romantic short stories in anthologies. But my dream is to find a publisher for my Paranormal Romance manuscripts, so I can share the shifters and creatures peopling the ‘phantasy’ world in my imagination with others.

Currently, I’m working with a TAPS connected ghost hunting organization here in south Mississippi and am intrigued by every aspect of the investigation process, even the tedious setting up and breaking down of hundreds of pounds of equipment and countless hours examining evidence! There’s a book in the works there, as well, a compilation of haunted destinations to visit in the South. We hope to have it out early next year!

A proud member of Romance Writers of America and Gulf Coast Chapter #125, I’d like to invite you to GCCRWA’s Silken Sands Writer’s Conference. Check for latest information at or the Events page on my website  If you’re in the MS, AL, FL area and looking for a writing home, come visit us during our monthly meetings! It doesn’t matter what your genre, if you’re multi-published, recently published or have just this moment decided you want to give writing a try, GCCRWA has something for everyone.

Visit me at  and on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter@RunereMcLain.

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