Badurday- July 14, 2012- Jeremy Northam

I watched The Net this week and again fell in love with the bad boy all over again. Jeremy Northam plays the seductively evil villain in this movie and it was one of the first movies I ever saw him in. And, as usual, even way back then, I fell for the bad guy. I kept hoping for redemption for him. Alas, it was not to be.

I also turned in the first edits this week on The Gambler’s Brother which is due out in October. Jeremy was the inspiration for the hero in The Gambler. That story is the first in a series of three books, so Mr. Northam has been on my mind this week. The Gambler is available now at my publisher as well as other outlets.

Enjoy this montage of Jeremy’s film roles from You-tube.

And the Cowboy Is????

Lloyd Cox! Not my normal pick but watch the video, use your imagination and you’ll understand!

The first video features Lloyd Cox training at the ranch.

The second video is of CD Lights during the NCHA World Finals. I wanted to show the difference in working at the ranch and showing in the show pen. Both horses and trainers are fantastic!


God that horse is fine! My dream is to sale everything I own, move to Texas and breed, raise, and train cutting horses. This is my true PASSION! I lUV it!

                                          Cowboy Lloyd Cox

lloyd cox

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