Alpha Heroes

I normally write beta heroes as I have a hard time with the alpha males I deal with as a lawyer.  I prefer a gentler hero.  I am writing my first Alpha and he is actually starting to grow on me.  He has a tender side that he is letting out of the cage for his lovely woman.   I had a hard time starting this story and screwed around with it for a couple of months until I decided to just start and see where it went.  He is so in my head now, I can hardly work for wanting to be writing his story.  I am finding myself using Italian phrases.  They come, unbidden, because he is in my head and heart.  I have this thing about falling a  little in love with my hero and this one was hard to love but just as he won over my heroine, he has won me over. 

In a tribute to Alpha males with a tender side, I give  you Tom Selleck as Matthew Quigley:selleck

Who could forget how tender he was to Laura San Giacomo’s character?  And how he handled his issues with Elliott?   Now, those of you who know me well, will know that I own this movie mostly because of Alan Rickman and how hotly mean he is in this screenplay!  Love those boots!  But I DO like the movie for more reasons than that.  REALLY!

Sunday Afternoon

The muse is visiting my house today.  Lots of good words flowing.  I’m working on what I am calling The Italian novel.  The reason for that is that every working title I try ends up sounding a bit insane or inane.   I am happy with how it is progressing.  This week has been productive.  I know I am making progress if I start to fall for my hero and mine is beginning to grow on me.  This particular hero took a while as I am used to writing Beta males and Dario, in this book, is an Alpha .  Alphas are harder for me because they remind me of certain lawyers I deal with in my day job that I’d like to slap rather than get cozy with.   Here is a male Italian model to enjoy:  Emanuele from Rome


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