Wetsday from Arabella

I don’t know, guys. Sometimes you just lose the Muse. And those of you who are familiar with my Muse, Dearest Bridget, know her to be one of the more flighty of the breed.

OmiGod, Bridget! Come back! I didn’t realize you were standing there. No, sweetie! I meant that in the most flattering of ways! Here, come sit down and get comfy. I’ve got something ofa treat for you today.

So, as I was saying: I just haven’t been feeling the inspiration here lately. Haven’t found nay thing that got me in the blog writing mood.

No, Bridget! I’m not blaming you for that! Of course the people know how hard you work on my stories. They love you for it … Yes, I love you too. Here, let me get you a cuppa that lovely Darjeeling.

Better? Ok, wait right there.

So. Where were we? Yeah. Right. Inspiration. One of the best ways to get your LOVELY AND TALENTED MUSE to her Happy Place is with music. So for today’s little Wetsday treat, I went back to an old favorite – It’s Raining Men.

You may be familiar with the Austen Heroes in Period Dress video set to this song – it’s a YouTube classic. But here it is, updated with some Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey) yumminess, plus some Firth, Depp, Gryffudd, etc.

So y’all enjoy!

Scoot over, Bridget! Jeez, give a girl some room here!

We Interrupt this WetsDay

Ok, I know y’all only come here on Wednesday to see the gentleman of the week, in all his moist glory. Yes, I love the wet boys as much as you. But there is something more important I have to do today, and y’all are just gonna have to deal with it.

After months of obsessive worrying, I am happy to announce that PROOF OF LOVE now has a cover! And not only that, I am extremely pleased with it.

The talented Trisha FitzGerald of Champagne Books designed it, and it is perfect. The necklace on the cover is a lovely depiction of the Danesleigh Emeralds, which my hero, the Duke of Danesleigh, gives his Duchess following their marriage.

And as for what they do whilst she is wearing said emeralds . . . you’ll just have to wait til November 7 and read for yourself!!!

Happy Wetsday to You, Happy Wetsday to You

Happy Wetsday, dear SFCatty/Jillian Chantal, Happy Wetsday to YOOOOOUUUU!!!!

I had already written one version of today’s post, in which I pointed out what an extremely fine year the year of my birth was — a real killer vintage, like 1989 for French Champagne or 1995 for California Reds (See, Ro’mama can be highbrow when it is called for!)

But in doing so, I realized that announcing the really awesome people who share that year with me would make it really easy to find out how old they are – you could google the celebs. And since a lady never tells (at least not her age), just trust me — 19XX was a very good year indeed. The hottest guys, the coolest women. That’s us.

And one of those vintage-year babies is my dear, dear friend, Ms. SFCatty, also known to her admiring public as Jillian Chantal, multi-published, best-selling author of romantic-adventure novels and bankruptcy textbooks. If that ain’t range, kids, I don’t know what is!

So while I have my gift for SFCa/JC all wrapped and ready to go, I’m giving her a special Wetsday gift you can all share. She has a well-known weakness for those tall, dark and drop-dead gorgeous Mediterranean men, so here is Spain’s favorite son, bull-fighter/model/all-around-hunkulous-maximus, Senor Cayetano Rivera Ordonez to warm up Ms. Chantal’s winter birthday:

(posting this a couple of hours before actual Wednesday so she gets it on her birthday. Also, apologies to Senor Rivera, and for that matter, all of Spain – I couldn’t figure out how to make the little doodad over the Ns. If Senor Rivera will give me a call, I’m sure I can think of some way to apologize for my error.)

Wetsday Pecs

Good Wetsday Morning, meine kinder! Its been an exciting week here on the Sizzle — Sayde Grace had the release of her second book, The Harder They Buck, SFCatty, aka Jillian Chantal, now has her first release from Desert Breeze Publishing listed on their “Coming Soon” page on the website. (Seeing it in black and white, out in front of the whole world makes it seem more real, you know?)

And here chez Ro’mama, the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. Well, ok, maybe not the entire free world, but at least the fate of my sweet Duke and Lady Susan. Yes, my dears, there may be one or two poor wandering lambs out there who haven’t heard that I got a request for full on my historical. So, being the obsessive-compulsive ADHD person that I am, I have been checking my email on a regular schedule. Not that I’m letting it get out of control, now. I have a firm rule that at least 60 seconds must pass before I hit the refresh button on my yahoo page.

So with all that email checking, you were worried that I wouldn’t find a wet gentleman to grace our Wetsday blog? Oh ye of little faith! Not only did I find one, he has about the prettiest pecs I’ve seen in a long time!

One of the DD’s favorite movies is a silly little thing called Zoolander, with Ben Stiller. It’s cute, with Stiller as a fashion model who is brainwashed into assassinating the leader of a third world country where sweatshop couture is a big industry. The evil mastermind is played in a delightfully over-the-top manner by Will Farrell. But the real reason to watch Zoolander is the large number of male models and attractive male actors who make cameo appearances therein — Billy Zane, my darling Billy, for one. (Zoolander Quote: “Listen to your friend Billy Zane. He’s a cool dude.”)

And if you watch Zoolander, you can get a look at former Ralph Lauren model and possibly the world’s best-put-together human, Mr. Tyson Beckford. Here he is, in his H2O drenched glory:

and now, I’ve got to run check my email. . .

Sneaking in here

We’re supposed to be back to our regular schedule but since Wetsday is late coming in, I thought I’d sneak in a post – a little YAY ME post to tide you over til Ro’Ma posts the man of the day. 

Great news:  I got an offer (that I accepted) yesterday to have my story called Solo Honeymoon published as an ebook by Siren Book Strand.  I’m still on cloud nine about it. I feel like Sally Field when she said “you like me, you really like  me” – some acquisitions editor I’ve never met liked my story and that’s all right by me!

AND, oh yea, how could I forget-   http://www.romancestoriesmagazine.com:80/  My story One Night in Costa Rica came out today in this new e-magazine.   I was a dolt and didn’t realize they used Bear Grylls from Man v. Wild as the model for my hero til my beta reader pointed that out to me.  DUH (smacks forehead here).

A Wetsday Hunk Despite Everything

Every one of us has faced that question: What do you do about the guy you are addicted to when you realize that he’s just no good for you? Way back in Ro’mama’s misspent youth, between hunting the dinosaurs and keeping the cave tidy, even she had to make that decision. Oh, he was pretty, but he was brainless. I thought about keeping him around, just for decorative purposes. Stand him in the corner, keep him dusted off, maybe hang some tinsel on him for Christmas. But never, ever let him talk. Because every word out of his mouth only annoyed me and ruined the illusion that he was as good as he looked.

That is the situation we face with our Wetsday guest this week. Oh, it began great. We caught just a glimpse of him,only enough to catch our attention, make us want to know more about him.

TAPS, 1981

But from the minute we saw him dance to Old Time Rock and Roll in his tighty whities, we were sunk.

And there were good times. We loved him as a cocky fighter pilot (speaking as a Pensacola girl, I can’t get enough of a Navy pilot!)

Top Gun

Yes, it was the spring of our youth and we were giddy with getting to know him.

But at long last, we realized the truth. He was pretty, yes. But he was nuts. We couldn’t talk to him, because he really had nothing to say.

Jumping on Couches

Worse, when he did talk, he embarrassed us.

With Matt Lauer

Finally, it was just too weird and sad for the relationship to continue.

So we ended it. We said it was over. Our sanity, our dignity, our self-respect called for it. “It’s not you, it’s us,” we said. But we lied. It was him, alright. Him and his odd views on medications, him and his strange approach to his partner’s childbirth, him and just his weirdness. And we told ourselves we didn’t care.

But every so often, we catch a glimpse of him being normal, and it gives us that bittersweet longing for what might have been. So, in honor of the release of Knight and Day, The Sizzle brings you the man you hate to love, Tom Cruise.

Special Make-up Wetsday on Sunday

Since we have been doing our countdown to the Silken Sands Conference (you are planning to be there, right?), I have held off on the Wetsday posts. I don’t want to have my ramblings interfere with the very important and useful advice we are getting from the agents and writers who will be at the Conference on the Beach!

But my public has spoken. I am told that there is an audience for Wet Men, and that their absence has been noted with concern. So here, in honor of his March 2 birthday, is one of my favorite British boys – the amusing, enchanting — oh heck, just plain hot Daniel Craig.

Now, for those of you who are naughty enough to be wondering, yes, I did consider having our birthday boy in his birthday suit. This is, however, a family-friendly blog. (Although of course my family does not visit the blog. The DDs are beyond embarrassed that their mom [a] writes romance [b] and her books have people doing it and [c] at her age she even remembers what doing it is.)

But if anybody feels the need to see the lovely Mr. Craig in the altogether, his picture is out there for the googling. Or for the ogling. Whatever. If you can’t find it, let me know, cause IMHO it is kind of like the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains — one of those wonders of nature you shoudl see at least once.

(and ignore SFCatty if she disses Mr. Craig’s naughty picture — it is a shadow, I tell you, a shadow. Never impugn Bond, James Bond’s endowments in such a manner!!!!)

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