Ever Feel Like You’re Rattling Around All Alone?

Where are all my Southern Sizzle gals hiding these days? Here’s a wet guy just to keep you all interested in coming back

I do. !


Since our guest seems to  have fallen through again and it IS Wednesday, thought I’d jump in and post a wet man.  Nothing else to say but – enjoy! 

Tomorrow we will have Danica Avet and  her story about the “one that got away”- read that as  the one that “done her wrong”- I know, it sounds like a country song! Tune in tomorrow (yep, pun intended).

EDITED TO BRAG- LOL:  New Halloween anthology I have a story in came out today. The Anthology is called “Halloween Dances with the Dead” and my story is called “The True Believers”  I love the cover- check it out.

Back Cover- there I am!


Wetsday on Thursday

Romance Mama has too much drama so here is a wet dude-  Can you guess who?

Just in case- Wets-day

I think  Romancemama is off today but I haven’t heard from her.  Just in case she doesn’t give you your Wetsday fix:  


Coming attractions

We already have Bad-urday every Saturday and starting tomorrow, we will have Wets-day every Wednesday where we feature pictures of wet men.   So, tune in tomorrow for our inaugural Wets-day feature brought to you by Romancemama.   Just to WHET (HAHA- pun intended) your appetite:


Too bad it’s not wetter, but he still looks pretty good, huh?  Enjoy some Diesel!

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