Oh, Crap! What Do You Mean, Wednesday!?!?!!?

OMG. I’m going thru my day like always, fighting with the people who try to rain on my parade everyday at the day job, when suddenly someone mentions that it is “Humpday.”
Now, aside from the thoughts that occur to any normal romance writer upon hearing such a comment, I was struck with a sudden panic. All day long, I thought it was Tuesday!
On the one hand, I am a day closer to the weekend, which has to be a good thing. However, this also means I forgot my @#%^! blog post.
As always, when you get caught unprepared, go with a classic. I can always count on my sweet babboo to fill in when I forget to do my wet man research. So, because I am a dork who doesnt know what day of the week it is, have a couple of my favorite pictures of the odds-on favorite to win this Year’s Oscar, my future second husband, Colin Firth!

Wetsday Pecs

Good Wetsday Morning, meine kinder! Its been an exciting week here on the Sizzle — Sayde Grace had the release of her second book, The Harder They Buck, SFCatty, aka Jillian Chantal, now has her first release from Desert Breeze Publishing listed on their “Coming Soon” page on the website. (Seeing it in black and white, out in front of the whole world makes it seem more real, you know?)

And here chez Ro’mama, the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. Well, ok, maybe not the entire free world, but at least the fate of my sweet Duke and Lady Susan. Yes, my dears, there may be one or two poor wandering lambs out there who haven’t heard that I got a request for full on my historical. So, being the obsessive-compulsive ADHD person that I am, I have been checking my email on a regular schedule. Not that I’m letting it get out of control, now. I have a firm rule that at least 60 seconds must pass before I hit the refresh button on my yahoo page.

So with all that email checking, you were worried that I wouldn’t find a wet gentleman to grace our Wetsday blog? Oh ye of little faith! Not only did I find one, he has about the prettiest pecs I’ve seen in a long time!

One of the DD’s favorite movies is a silly little thing called Zoolander, with Ben Stiller. It’s cute, with Stiller as a fashion model who is brainwashed into assassinating the leader of a third world country where sweatshop couture is a big industry. The evil mastermind is played in a delightfully over-the-top manner by Will Farrell. But the real reason to watch Zoolander is the large number of male models and attractive male actors who make cameo appearances therein — Billy Zane, my darling Billy, for one. (Zoolander Quote: “Listen to your friend Billy Zane. He’s a cool dude.”)

And if you watch Zoolander, you can get a look at former Ralph Lauren model and possibly the world’s best-put-together human, Mr. Tyson Beckford. Here he is, in his H2O drenched glory:

and now, I’ve got to run check my email. . .


Since our guest seems to  have fallen through again and it IS Wednesday, thought I’d jump in and post a wet man.  Nothing else to say but – enjoy! 

Tomorrow we will have Danica Avet and  her story about the “one that got away”- read that as  the one that “done her wrong”- I know, it sounds like a country song! Tune in tomorrow (yep, pun intended).

EDITED TO BRAG- LOL:  New Halloween anthology I have a story in came out today. The Anthology is called “Halloween Dances with the Dead” and my story is called “The True Believers”  I love the cover- check it out.

Back Cover- there I am!


Wetsday with Prizes!

Well, happy Wetsday, one and all! I have been making fabulous progress on the WIP this week. Best thing that ever happened to be was the computer glitch I cried bitter tears over this weekend. When the computer ate my MS, I had no other choice. I started the WIP over, and this time I am much more clear on who the people are and what they are up to. It’s all good.

So the theme for the week is “making a fresh start.” As my devoted fans know, I bring you pictures of a wet, delectable male every Wednesday — or as we call it in Sizzleville, “Wetsday.” As a writer, I pick the guys who have inspired my heroes — and a few villians! And while I have been having lots of fun picking out the wet boys for you every week, I recognize that I have a severe fixation for British actors and the LOST boys. I want to open it up for more diversity. So here’s the deal.

I want you to tell me who you want to see hot and wet. Who is the inspiration for your fantasies? Being the internet diva that I am, I’ll get the pictures, if you will give me the gentlemen to look for. And to make sure you send your suggestions, I am awarding prizes.

So give me a suggestion of who you would like to see as the Sizzler Wetsday man of the week. The criteria for the contest are:
1) Sheer unadulterated male attractiveness, and
2) The surprise factor — someone I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

SFCatty and I will discuss your suggestions over lunch and vote on a winner. Because we are the goddesses of romance you all know and love, there is no appeal from our decision, and don’t complain if you don’t like it. (Right — what’s not to like about more dripping wet guys?)

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Many will enter, few will win. (Yall knew I was gonna throw in some lawyer talk, didn’t you?) And just so everyone feels like they had a fair shot, we will draw a second place winner at random.

The prizes? Oh, they are fabitty fabulous! The winner gets his/her (yes, this is an equal opportunity contest) choice of a signed Suzanne Enoch historical (By Love Undone) or a signed Angie Fox paranormal (The Dangerous Book for Demonslayers). The second place winner gets the other.

You have 24 hours. Hit me with your best shot — your most unexpected source for serious male yumminess. We will announce the winner as soon as SFCatty and I have done sufficient research, checking out all your suggestions online. (Oh, how we Sizzlers suffer for our followers!) Make sure you check back, in case I don’t know how to forward you your prize. Don’t delay, enter today!!!

Oh, and I didn’t forget the male pulchritudinousness for the week! The only word for this week’s guest is “Viggolicious”:

It’s A Dirty Job. . .

. . . but I am willing to do it for you people. Yes, hours of slaving over a hot keyboard, to serve up the finest in wet gentlemen.

As some of you know, I have dreadful insomnia, and tonight just happens to be one of those nights when I am not going to get any sleep at all. So, having written two scenes for my WIP, I got to play around on the net, looking for the perfect post for Wetsday. Dear Lord, I suffered through videos of Gerard Butler and Richard Armitage, stills of Colin Firth and Naveen Andrews, candids of the Wilson Brothers, and more shots of Josh Holloway and Liev Schrieber than I can count. As I said, someone has to do it, and I am willing to make the sacrifice.

But I was looking for something a wee bit different this week, something to give you a break from the predictable BBC hero or Lost castaway. Someone more approachable, someone almost real . . . .

And then I realized I had never shared my dirty little secret with the blogosphere. There is one guy I get to watch whenever he is on, without the smart-mouth comments from the teenage daughters or the eye-rolling from DH. Cause they love his show too, for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, it is funny and sometimes unbelievable, so the DD’s like it. The DH feels all macho and warm inside cause watching it makes him a member of the He-Man-Woman-Haters Club. But you and I know, the real reason for watching Dirty Jobs is the chance to see stripped down, sweaty, yummy Mike Rowe.

Doesn’t it make you just want to wash him? And btw, he does clean up very nicely. . .

Special Make-up Wetsday on Sunday

Since we have been doing our countdown to the Silken Sands Conference (you are planning to be there, right?), I have held off on the Wetsday posts. I don’t want to have my ramblings interfere with the very important and useful advice we are getting from the agents and writers who will be at the Conference on the Beach!

But my public has spoken. I am told that there is an audience for Wet Men, and that their absence has been noted with concern. So here, in honor of his March 2 birthday, is one of my favorite British boys – the amusing, enchanting — oh heck, just plain hot Daniel Craig.

Now, for those of you who are naughty enough to be wondering, yes, I did consider having our birthday boy in his birthday suit. This is, however, a family-friendly blog. (Although of course my family does not visit the blog. The DDs are beyond embarrassed that their mom [a] writes romance [b] and her books have people doing it and [c] at her age she even remembers what doing it is.)

But if anybody feels the need to see the lovely Mr. Craig in the altogether, his picture is out there for the googling. Or for the ogling. Whatever. If you can’t find it, let me know, cause IMHO it is kind of like the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains — one of those wonders of nature you shoudl see at least once.

(and ignore SFCatty if she disses Mr. Craig’s naughty picture — it is a shadow, I tell you, a shadow. Never impugn Bond, James Bond’s endowments in such a manner!!!!)

Just in case- Wets-day

I think  Romancemama is off today but I haven’t heard from her.  Just in case she doesn’t give you your Wetsday fix:  


Dedwydd Dydd Mercher!

The Bad Boy of Caernaevon, The Earl of Griffis, hero of my Nano wip, welcomes you to this Welsh version of Wetsday.  I’m having lots of fun reading up on Welshmen — I don’t know why the Scots get all the love in historical romance — The Welshmen are pretty hot, imho.

So to celebrate all the beauty that is Cymru (that’s Wales to you and me),  and in keeping with our theme of wet men, I give you Ioan Gruffudd:

Lovely Royal Navy uniforms, too. Ummm. Better go write a few about the Earl.  Later . . .

Dear God, Is it Wetsday Already???

Oh, dear Lord. I am far too busy and important for my own good.  I just looked up in the middle of an Office of Civil Rights complaint today (if you don’t know what that is, believe me, you are blessed of God) and said, OMG, it is Wetsday! I have nothing planned. Which of my boys will get the nod today?

But first, let us digress into the world of the writer. I had the nicest thing happen this evening. I was in the hot lavender-salts bath with the required tumbler of pinot grigio when DD#1 wandered in. (If you don’t have children, you may still think that the bath is private. Mine is more like Grand Central Station). She came to announce that she had to friends over and could I please not run through the house in my non-Victoria’s Secret undies to get my nightgown from the laundry? I agreed, of course. And then she said the sweetest thing — well, for a 17 year old.

She told me that she had been telling her friends that I write romance, and that they might not be ready for a semi-clad romance author running to the laundry room. I was shocked, as I thought my writing was the kind of thing my daughters never spoke of in public.

She told me no, she is kind of proud of it. Nobody else’s mom has written a whole book. And she told them that I have had three agents ask to see my book. She even said that she thinks that is kind of cool. I got verklemmt.

See, around here, I am sometimes treated like the red-headed stepchild at the family reunion. (if you are red-haired, please forgive this. It is a Southern saying of great age.) I am the one who embarrasses us all. For my child to act like she is proud of me is something strange and wonderful. 

So here I am, Ms. Romance Author, trying to look intelligent in front of DD#1’s friends. It is a new sensation. Wow. My child is not embarrassed by me.

Well, let’s do something that would totally embarrass her, if she ever lowered herself to read Mom’s blogs. Here is the Wetsday Man of Honor:

a very nice shot of Mr. McConaughey’s (ahem!) assets:


WetsDay — The Motion Picture

All right, all you fans of wet men out there. And you know who you are.  We introduce a new feature to the Sizzle today — motion and and sound! (ok, two  new elements, what are you, an editor?)

This is one of my very favoritest videos of all time, truly a masterpiece, a work of love by someone who had access to all the best of the BBC. Ladies, (and even Gentlemen if that’s what cranks your tractor), Southern Sizzle presents:

It’s Raining Men (Regency)


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