Badurday Birthday Boy (how’s that for alliteration)

Anyone who knows me at all will know I can’t miss this birthday coming up on the 21st.  This man has been my favorite actor for many, many years.  He is so versatile.  So sexy.  Just wonderful.   Today, I’m going to tell you all about some of his more obscure roles.  First is a stage role.  He played Valmont on stage. We all know how bad Valmont was. And I know Romancemama will try to compare Colin Firth’s Valmont with Alan’s and all I can say is they are both fabulous. 


There is a movie called Dark Harbor.  Very dark movie. You think its going in one direction and bam, surprise!  He is bad, really bad. The best thing in this one is his stripping down to his birthday suit (Note to self, watch this on his birthday to see that suit) and diving in the water. He then walks nude to his house.  Very nice thighs and buttocks.   Oh, and those calves… 

Dark Harbor:

The next little film is An Awfully Big Adventure.  Now, if you read the blurb on it, you may think it is a comedy. Nothing could be further from the truth.  My poor dear is a very bad boy in this one, not really knowing it until the end. He thinks he’s bad for sleeping with a young girl but it gets worse.  AND he does a fabulous Captain Hook in the play within the movie.  A must see.    

An Awfully Big Adventure:

And one more:  Closet Land.  There are only two people in this movie.  Alan plays an interrogator and he is absolutely marvelous. Just a stunning performance.   I can’t recommend it enough.  And, he could interrogate me anytime.  I’ll take this bad boy cop any day.

Closet Land:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALAN RICKMAN.  Here’s hoping for many more so we can continue to enjoy your talents.

EDITED to add:  Lost power at my house last night until 9:45 this morning. Sorry to be late.   The pictures in this post didn’t want to line up like I wanted. 

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Still Limping Along on Wetsday

So I went back to the doctor today, just sure that I would be getting rid of my stinky old boot and be driving again. Quel depression!!! I can start getting used to walking on the broken foot again, but I have to wean myself from the Bella Boot slowly. And only very limited driving starting this weekend. I am not happy. I mean, yes, the break is healing, but it is going to still be some time until I am my frisky self again.
This has really helped me get into the mindset of my historical heroines, though. It is difficult for us modern, on-our-own-two-feet kind of chicks to understand what it was like for women throughout most of history. My regency girls were not able to just hitch up the gig and go off for a weekend road trip with their buds from the Society for Orphan Welfare. Nice women were dependent on other people — especially men — to a degree we cannot begin to grasp. And knowing what it has been like to have to ask if I can go to Target or Books A Million has truly brought that home to me.
So if Lady Anne seems just a little shrill about telling the Marquess that she can take care of herself, thank you very much, y’all will know where that came from!

But as to the more important news of the week, I trust that you are all aware that true genius has at last been recognized: My Darling Colin Firth has been deservedly nominated for an Oscar! And not for best wet shirt in a supporting role, though if you follow his career, you know that he has a real talent for finding ways to get wet — not just P&P, but Valmont, both Bridget Joneses, etc. (And speaking of Valmont, if you only saw the version of Dangerous Liaisons with that bizarre Malkovich person, you have not seen the wicked Viscomte as he was meant to be! Highly recommend you find a copy of Valmont; my dear one is beyond perfect in it.)

So in honor of Colin’s nomination, and to pay tribute to all those wet shirt scenes, here is a little video of the Fabulous Mr. Firth:

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