Badurday- May 4, 2013- Tony Stark

Is there any boy badder than Tony Stark as played by Robert Downey, Jr? He’s handsome, he’s charismatic, he’s brilliant and he’s not afraid of anyone. The latest installment in his story came out yesterday and I can’t wait to see it. I have to wait though since I’m claustrophobic and the theater will be too crowded for me for a bit. So, as I eagerly anticipate getting to go, here’s some trailers I’ve watched a few times – Enjoy.

If you’re like me and need to wait for the theaters to clear out some and need something to do, here’s a book you could read. It doesn’t have Tony Stark but it has a handsome Spaniard Grandee as the hero. Murder, mystery and romance on the high seas. What more could you want? Yeah, yeah, I know, Tony Stark.

Bernadette McSwain’s family has a strong connection to the Queen Mary ocean liner. They’re invited to sail on the Queen’s final voyage to her new home in Long Beach, California in 1967. Bernadette and her cousin, Michel are writing a book on the spirits who haunt the mighty ship. Bernadette’s psychic abilities help in their research. They meet a young Spanish grandee, Lazarus Garcia, who’s on the ship as a chef to learn to run his own first class restaurant. He’s surrounded by anguished spirits whom Bernadette can see. When passengers start to die in violent ways, Bernadette suspects Lazarus of the crimes. This suspicion causes a rift between the cousins as Michel has befriended the Spaniard. As the voyage continues and Lazarus tries to charm her, Bernadette must make a decision about him or face losing her cousin, both literally and figuratively.

Wicked Wednesday

No, not Wetsday today. Thought I’d mix it up a little, try out some other “W” words for a while. So if you’ve got any weird, wonderful, wild or witty suggestions, let me have your “W” and I’ll try to find the appropriate attractive gentleman’s picture to go with it.

Cause there is one thing you don’t have to worry (see what I did there? “W”!) about — Ro’mama is still out there combing the internet for the best of male celebrities. I know, I’ve been lax about the blogging here lately. Sue me, ok? I’m a volunteer.

But all that aside, I want to talk Marvel. As in, Avengers. Now, I don’t have to exaggerate the masculine hotness level of that movie to you ladies (you guys, too, if that’s the team you play on. No biases here.) We all know that Hemsworth, Jackson, Downey, Ruffalo et al are drop-dead gorgeous, and if you have not seen the movie, well, why are you reading this post? Turn off the computer and head on back to the convent.

Recently I spent several grueling hours examining each of the Avengers’ photos in detail, in an effort to decide which of them is in fact the most fabulous. It’s hard work, kids, but I do it for y’all. I started rating them on face, biceps, abs, and other (ahem! minds out of the gutter!) aspects of their hotness. And I came to an unexpected conclusion.







While I would be quite happy to invite any or all of the Avenger boys into my hot tub, I have to tell you, I think my top choice would be …. (drum roll)



Yes, I know he’s the bad guy. But I love me some bad boys. And while Tony Stark has the crazy-wild do-anything vibe, Thor has the scruffy-duffy sweaty look down to an artform, and Hulk has well-documented instances in which he loses the self-control in a major way, you know that deep in their hearts, these guys are just GOOD. They stand for truth, justice and the American way. And Cappy? Please. While he is a good lookin’ thing, he’s a bit straitlaced for this girl.


But Loki? I’m thinking that of all the Avenger gang, he’s gonna be the best in bed. Seriously, the guy will do anything. Absolutely no limits. He’s dark, sinister, and crazy in the Alan Rickman/Billy Zane mold, and that has an eternal appeal.

And besides, look at that helmet. You can tell that the guy is always …. (Oh, come on. Do I have to say it? It’s too easy.)


And although one of my twitterbuddies told me, “No, Arabella, those are NOT handles,” I will just paraphrase Antonio Banderas — for me, baby, they could be.

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