Wetsday Says Good Riddance to A Former Favorite

Oh, Mel, why’d you have to turn out to be batsh*t crazy? I have been absolutely nuts about you ever since Gallipoli. It was one of the worst dates of my young life, way back in 1981, but while ignoring the person my friend (?) thought I should go out with, I discovered you. Had to go back and watch Mad Max, even though post-apocalyptic negative utopias are not generally my cuppa tea. But it was lurrve!
Every movie you made, I was there opening week. And, Mel, we had some good times. The Lethal Weapons, The Bounty, Air America, Bird On A Wire. How utterly gorgeous you were, you Australian devil, you.
And then, starting with Braveheart, you weren’t just pretty. You were really creative. You started branching out into producing and directing. Now, some of your ideas were getting into the kinda crazy, like everybody in a film speaking Mayan or Ancient Aramaic. But it was kinda cool crazy.
And you made The Patriot, the movie which will stand forever as the meeting of three of the best looking actors in film history. Dang, you, Jason Isaacs, and that young pup Heath Ledger, all together. Just about made my head explode.
And it was wonderful, knowing that you were a person of faith, happily married to the woman who was with you before you made it big. Obviously, you weren’t just a pretty face.
But you know what, Mel? You aren’t even pretty anymore. That picture of you after the DUI arrest? Ok, it wasn’t as bad as Nick Nolte’s, but it was close. And then the rants about various ethnic groups, and the leaving Robyn for some Russian stick insect with big hair. I stopped admitting how many of your movies I had on my video shelf. You were a guilty pleasure I couldn’t admit I still craved.
But you have stepped over the line. This is the end. There are just some things we as women cannot tolerate. No, I was Team Robyn all the way, but that doesn’t mean you can treat Oksana like that.
So today’s gentlemen are a salute to those fine actors who have appeared as your enemies. From now on, I am cheering for the English during Braveheart and The Patriot. I am gonna hope for an alternate ending where Murtaugh gets fed up and shoots Riggs. (BTW, why don’t you share some of your interesting views with Danny Glover? I’m sure he’d understand). I hope Captain Bligh throws you overboard.
So here they are, my new favorites, the Anti-Gibson League:

Bad-urday HALLOWEEN Edition

One of my friends (and her initials are RomanceMama) calls me her pagan friend as I adore Halloween and all the fun it brings.  I’m not into gore but I love suspense and Hitchcock-style movies.  I love the opportunity to be someone else for a night (and even, dare I say it, act silly!)   Anyway, all this to lead up to a handsome man that was taken from us all too soon.  This guy burst on the scene in The Patriot and was just adorable.  cute, cute.   He went on to play lots of great roles.  Loved him in Four Feathers, A Knight’s Tale, Casanova, and I could go on and on- he never really did any movie I didn’t enjoy.   So, in honor of Halloween (because this was an awesome costume), I give you the incomparable  HEATH LEDGER:  heath

There is also a wet picture of Heath because there was no Wets-day celebration this week.  It seems I have been dubbed the blog police and “someone” thought they were in trouble with me for failing to post a wet man.  Now, am I that much of an ogre??  I hope not.  Anyway, here’s a wet Heath:

heath_ledger_02 and just because he is so adorable in this shot, one more:

heath_ledger_01  Heath: you are missed.  What a smile the world lost in your passing.


This week’s bad boy is non other than Jason Isaacs!   Who could forget him as Col. Tavington in “The Patriot?”   He was sooo bad, but dang, he looked good in those breeches and boots.  He was so evil, especially when he said, “Burn the Church”  –

Those blue eyes of his are amazing, too. jason 1

   He was wonderful as the super bad Lucius Malfoy-  now, I took Latin and I know Lucius comes from the Latin word “Lucifer” meaning Day Star as in “the one who fell from heaven” and Malfoy comes from the Latin for bad- or Mala.   BUT, I think he should be LUSCIOUS Malfoy because  he is Luscious in that white wig with  those blue eyes.jason

And who could forget him in 2003 Peter Pan playing Captain Hook?


And one more just because:  jason_isaacs_01

That’s it for this edition of Bad-urday.   Hope you enjoyed it.

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