Badurday, South Africa Style

Ro’mama here, checking in for Ms. Chantal. Very rare for our Jillian not to make her post – the girl has got a work ethic like no one else – but she’s out of town and has had more on her plate than she could say grace over lately. So, here I am. Control your enthusiasm. ūüėĘ

Today’s bad boy is not nearly as well known as he should be. Born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1962,
when he came to Hollywood, he got repeatedly got cast as villains and thugs. And as y’all know, villains and thugs are some of my favorite people (at least the brooding, sinister movie versions).

He was a psycho-killer in a fairly forgettable movie called Reason to Die, a baddie in the kid’s movie Agent Cody Banks, and so forth.

But he reached his pinnacle of evil hotness in The Mummy. Sure, Brendan Fraser was cute, but c’mon – didn’t you really want a chance at Imhotep? Here he is – your Badurday Boy, Mr. Arnold Vosloo!




Badurday- The Halloween Edition

This year, for our Halloween edition of Badurday, I decided to focus on one of my favorite bad boys of the horror genre. Mr. Boris Karloff.  He was born as William Henry Pratt. His father was the Deputy Commissioner of Customs Salt and Opium. What the heck kind of job was that? Importing opium? Really intriguing. I knew people used to use it quite openly but I had no idea there was a department of the government dedicated to it- I guess the tax man always wants his part, yeah? 

And wouldn’t you know it, old William Henry Pratt a/k/a Boris Karloff (have to get in the legalese, ya know)¬† was British. Even British men born in 1887 appeal to me.¬† Surprised?¬†

Boris was actually a handsome dude under all that makeup. He played Frankenstein’s monster in an early version of the movie (1937)- it was his breakout role (after 80 films).¬† He was credited in the opening credits as “?”¬† How fun was that? AND to have 80 films¬† under your belt before your breakout role is encouraging to us aspiring to the best seller list, right?

The man of the day, Boris,¬†also played in The Mummy and The Mask of Fu Manchu among other roles of the creepy persuasion. He played Frankenstein’s monster three times and Frankenstein, the scientist, once.¬†¬†I didn’t much care for the Abbott and Costello movies he played in. They were a bit too silly and Boris was really too dignified for that.

 One of the neatest things is that he played in Arsenic and Old Lace on Broadway as the Brewster brother that was the murderer. The role was actually written for him. He was not in the movie version with Cary Grant but they did refer to him in it.  They said the brother looked like that movie star. (I love that movie, by the way).

Here are some great pics of Boris and I was even able to find you guys a shirtless one.  My favorite one I found was of four wonderful actors together. I adore all of them.  Enjoy your Halloween and check out a Boris Karloff movie if  you have the chance.  

Handsome Boris


Basil Rathbone, Boris, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre


shirtless and becoming a monster

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