Badurday – February 16, 2013- The A-Team

Decided to go back to an old favorite since I watched it with my son last night. This movie is just a fun romp all the way around. I sure wish they’d make another one. It doesn’t hurt that there’s all kinds of handsome guys running around on screen either. From the good guys to the bad guys, there seems to be no end to the hotness. Enjoy the trailer and check it out if you haven’t seen it. If you have, watch it again. It’s a kick.

Badurday – March 26, 2011- Bradley Cooper

I have been sadly remiss in not bringing you this guy as the Badurday Boy. He has been a bad boy in a few things.  He was in He’s Just Not That Into You as a pretty smarmy cheater husband.  He was also the Face in the remake of The A-Team and he was incredibly bad a** in that. He was also in The Hangover as a pretty wild guy.   If you watch his earlier stuff, he was not such a dream boat. He’s one of those guys that needed a little age on him to make him more attractive.  Enjoy!

A Different Twist for Badurday- A Montage Tribute to Stephen Cannell


The A Team


21 jump street

Rockford Files

This week, we lost one of my favorite producers/screen writers. Stephen Cannell. I always enjoyed watching the shows he produced and had quite a few favorites. The Greatest American Hero was a bit cheesy but the dialogue was sharp and clever. I adore sharp and clever. I aspire to that in my own writing.  The Rockford Files was awesome, loved The Commish, and other than Romancemama, who didn’t love and adore the men of The A Team?  Who liked to watch Wiseguy? I did.

One of my particular favorites was Silk Stalkings. What an awesome show. Hot cops – both male and female (That’s for you, Jeff) and fun story lines.  As I recall, even the police station was an interestingly different  set up.  It was blue and back lit.

And, last but not least, who could forget 21 Jump Street? What a premise that one had. Young cops undercover in schools- I enjoyed the heck out of it- yes, I loved Johnny Depp even back then. 

Enjoy the photo montage here in tribute to Stephen Cannell. I didn’t even get into his talents as a novelist but I recommend his books. Highly.  The world is a bit dimmer without him.

Rob Estes

Ken Wahl- Wiseguy

Rob Estes- Silk StalkingsCommish

M. Chiklas- The Commish

Johnny Depp

Greatest American Hero

Badurday- July 24, 2010

I went to see the 2010 version of The A Team a few weeks ago.  I loved it and grinned like an idiot the whole time. It was so great- a suspension of reality and a romp.  Just like the old TV series.  I liked both of the bad boys in this film; Brian Bloom as Pike and Patrick Wilson as Lynch. I mean, really, was it fair for the makers of this movie to give us such handsome heroes and then turn around and give us hot bad guys, too?  Aah, yes.  The movie gods were blessing us girls with all the testosterone in this movie. 

Some of you may remember Patrick Wilson as Raoul i n the Phantom of the Opera movie in 2004 (you know I have to get in the pic of the guy in historical attire). You may have seen Brian Bloom on Oz– if not, search that under google images and get a nice view. 

 Two great bad boys for the week.  Enjoy.

Patrick as Raoul

Patrick Wilson

Brian Bloom

The shower's free

Forgot to add (how I could forget, I don’t know-LOL) – but the newest anthology in which I have a short story published came out this week.  The Anthology is called Free Range Fairy Tales and my story is called Rumpelstiltskin’s Quest.

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