Heroic Hunk in History: Sam Houston

On October 22, 1836, Sam Houston was sworn in as President of the Republic of Texas. Sam Houston was a 19th-century American lawyer, statesman, politician, and soldier. He was a governor of both Tennessee and Texas but is best known for bringing Texas into the United States. Houston was born in Rockbridge County Virginia in 1793 of a Scot-Irish family who moved to Tennessee. He served in the War of 1812 and worked with the removal of the Cherokee. Andrew Jackson was his mentor. Houston became Governor of Tennessee in 1827 but resigned after his divorce and moved to Arkansas. After an altercation with a Congressman, he moved to Texas and became a leader of the Revolution.

Houston supported the Revolution and admission of Texas as a state. He was the first 1st  (1836 -1838) and 3rd (1841-1844) President of the Republic of Texas. He served as a U.S. Senator from 1846 to 1859 where he fought to keep the union together. He was governor from 1859-1861.  He was removed from office when he refused to swear allegiance to the Confederacy when Texas seceded in 1861. He retired to Huntsville, TX where he died in 1863.

Next Week, Sam Houston’s Very Interesting Personal Life     Rita Bay

Badurday- August 4, 2012- Dion- The Wanderer

I’m gone again today- this time to Texas for a wedding. My favorite cousin’s #1 son is getting married tomorrow and I had to be there to see it. I love to go places but I hate airports and the hassle of all that crap. I was sure hoping to live long enough for instant transport but I don’t see that happening now. I used to watch Bewitched and always wished for the mad skills Samantha had with her nose.

Have a great weekend with Dion and his song, The Wanderer.

And the Cowboy Is?

First let me say once again congrats to romancemama for her thrilling news this week. I hope when she makes it big she’ll let me hang onto her skirt and drag me along!

Now for my Cowboy of the week.

So far we’ve learned this cowboy is Brazilian, age 27, is married, lives in Texas and his favorite color is blue. Oh, and his nickname is the “Jungle Boy.” I’ll go ahead and add a link to a wonderful story about him from the PBR. It’s an amazing article and I encourage everyone to go and read all about Mr. Robson Palermo!


Now for the pictures!




Now doesn’t the article and the pictures make you want to go and write all about a foreign bull rider and his love for America, bulls, and one very lucky lady? It does me! This is just one of the ways I get my inspiration. Now I just have to find a way to stay on goal! Tell me how you do it. Leave a comment and I’ll enter you to win a FREE book from my library. I will close the entries at 10pm tonight. Good luck and I hope you enjoy reading and looking at Mr. Robson Palermo! Just love saying that name too! Yum.

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit 9/10

Alright, I hope everyone enjoyed Wednesday those were some amazingly HOT men!! Wow, I’m scorched. But since none wore cowboy hats or boots they just weren’t making the cut! So today we move forward with this week’s cowboy.

What do we know so far?

Brazilian bullrider, lives in Texas, close friends with fellow Brazilian bullrider who just happens to of won PBR finals last year, and he’s 5ft6. Yes, I know not all that tall but he’s just so goodlooking it won’t matter!

Todays Tidbit:

PBR member since 2005, enjoys training and riding horses, he is 27 and will be 28 in November. Also known as The Jungle Boy and his favorite color is BLUE! (MINE TOO, MINE TOO!! If that’s not a sign I just don’t know what is!) Alas he’s married :(, Oh well we can still enjoy the view and here is a picture of three gorgeous south American men, one is our cowboy of the week and one will be next weeks cowboy. You figure it out!


Alright to my writers:

When you set a goal for yourself how do you stay on target? I am the worlds worst with this! If I don’t try and set a goal I can sit down and write 5000-10,000 words in a day! No lie, but if I set a goal of 3000 I can’t do it!

Yesterday I did this. I said to myself “Self, today we shall write 3200 words, tomorrow between 2500-5000 and so on until we reach 85k and the end of the book.” Self laughed at me and turned on tweetdeck! DAMN SELF!

Anyway, today I’m trying to catch up I was short of yesterdays goal by 800 words and I’m bummed. Help me out writers. what do y’all do to stay on target?

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy for Monday & Tuesday!

Ok we’ve all had those dreams, the ones we remember the next day and we remember the GUY in the dream. We’ll this week after reading a book with a Portuguese speaking hero I had a little dream of my own! Now I plan on writing a series with my cowboys and have decided to bring in a Brazilian bullrider in one of my books. I worked for a brief time riding cutting horses in Whitesboro, Texas with two young HOT HOT Brazilians, since then I have had a “fondness” for the sexy foreigners.

So in honor of my dream, the book, and my old friends Raul and Tomas I’ve decided this weeks cowboy will be a Brazilian bullrider who reminds me of the sexy Raul. Oh how I miss Texas!


Cowboy Tidbit:

Brazilian cowboy who now resides in a small town about a hundred miles east of Dallas, Texas. This cowboy stands barely five foot six but packs a hell of a punch. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to leave your comment to be entered to win my weekly contest.


Picture of my man:


 Now you tell me what inspires you the most when writing. Of course my eye candy inspires me but I also get a great deal of inspiration from real life stories. I love hearing about funny tales from my friends or thinking back over all the crazy things that either I have done or some of my friends have done. Each of my books holds stories within that have come from my life or a friends. Where do you gain inspiration?

And the Cowboy Is????

Lloyd Cox! Not my normal pick but watch the video, use your imagination and you’ll understand!

The first video features Lloyd Cox training at the ranch.

The second video is of CD Lights during the NCHA World Finals. I wanted to show the difference in working at the ranch and showing in the show pen. Both horses and trainers are fantastic!


God that horse is fine! My dream is to sale everything I own, move to Texas and breed, raise, and train cutting horses. This is my true PASSION! I lUV it!

                                          Cowboy Lloyd Cox

lloyd cox

Don’t forget to leave your comment to be entered into my weekly drawing for a FREE book from my library. I’ll post the winner tonight. Make sure to check back next week for another cowboy and more writing wisdom.

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