One of my publishers- Sweet Cravings Publishing- is having a 25% off sale site wide this weekend. Pick up some great books for twenty-five percent off. The code is Mothers25. Here’s a link to the page. If you like erotic over mainstream, the sale is on over there as well. Just click to the home page and it’ll lead you there.

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Badurday- January 5, 2012- Free Read Saturday

My short story set on Pensacola Beach, SURF BREAK, is a free read at this weekend. Grab your copy before Monday morning. Here’s the link

and here’s the book trailer:

Badurday- December 15, 2012- Blog Hop

The Secret Cravings authors are doing a favorite things blog hop this weekend and giving away some super books and other stuff. I’m giving away five of my favorite things. Come by my personal blog here and comment for a chance to win. You can also click the link to the other blogs in the hop. And of course, my favorite bad boy, Alan Rickman plays a part- how could he not?

Here’s my post from over there:

Here goes: Five things that find favor with me:

1. Lindt chocolates. The extra creamy one is my absolute favorite. Although my normal go-to chocolate is dark, this extra creamy stuff is a treat.

2. Scarves. I love to wear scarves. I wear them year round because they can dress up a plain outfit quite nicely. They add a touch of color in the summer and a touch of warmth in the winter. They are multi-purpose and fun.

3. Tea. I drink tea all day long. My favorite for hot tea is Earl Grey but I will drink most any of it. I’m not as big a fan of green tea since it seems too puny to me. I like a robust, black tea. As to cold tea, I like mine straight. No sugar, no lemon, no anything to muddy the waters, so to speak.

4. Of course, anyone who has read this blog knows I can’t have a list of favorites without including my favorite actor of all time, Alan Rickman. My kids call him my alphabet man because he could be on the television or movie screen and recite the alphabet and I’d watch. Sadly, they’re right.

5. My book called Surf Break-. I love my town – it’s one of my favorite things and this story is based here where I live and pays homage to my favorite eating joint on the beach, Surf Burger.

The giveaway? Some chocolate, a scarf, some tea, an Alan Rickman movie and a e-copy of Surf Break. Leave me your comments and then hop on over to some of the other blogs. 14674_2541024421320_759478737_a

Badurday- September 8, 2012- Clive Owen- Well, Sort Of.

I’ve had a busy week. I had a short story released by Sweet Cravings Publishing called Surf Break. It’s set on my hometown beach and it’s a quick, fun little read and even Ernest Hemingway makes an appearance. Hehehe. Arabella once told me that I write like a man and I got all offended until she said the man was Hemingway. Since she writes all flowery like Faulkner, I could see how she might think my more straightforward prose would be like our buddy Ernest. I couldn’t resist adding a flavor of the man to this lil ole story. Buy link

I didn’t bring you here to talk about Hemingway though, so forgive my little tangent. My other new release this week is a much longer story. It’s called Hot Pursuit and it’s from Ellora’s Cave. It spans the globe- from New York, to Rio and then to several places in Europe. It’s quite an international chase. I started this story in late 2009 with the initial premise coming from a conversation with Rita Bay and it’s gone through many incarnations since then and is nothing like Rita envisioned when we had that talk.

I now believe it’s one of the best stories I’ve written. The inspiration for the hero was our previous badurday boy, Clive Owen. He’s absolutely perfect as the hero, an Interpol agent. If you’ve seen the film, The International (which came out after my first draft of this story) or Derailed, this story calls for the same type of action from the hero.

My friend, Darlene Henderson, even wants me to send a copy to Clive’s agent. The hero and heroine are both over thirty so I think he could pull off the role easily but I’m not so stalkerish as to really send to his agent. Thanks to Darlene, though, I do know who he is. LOL!

Buy Link

Here’s the book trailer and cover. And oh, yeah, a little bit of Clive (who also played Hemingway in a film- see how it all works together?).

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