Heroic Hunks in History: Marcus Aurelius

Marcus AureliusOur Heroic Hunk in History today is Marcus Aurelius. He was the last of the Five Good Emperors of Rome who reigned during the 2nd century AD. He was educated in oratory and the law but ended up in the military. A Stoic philosopher in his book Meditations he advocated a life of service and duty with Nature as a source of guidance and inspiration. He spent much of his life campaigning and preserving the peace of the Empire. He was considered an outstanding administrator but was not a friend of the Christians. He was born in Rome in 121 AD and died in 180 AD, either of the plague or possibly murdered by his rat bastard of a son Commodus who was NOT one of the Good Emperors.

Check out the famous gilded bronze equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius which is on the Capitoline Hill. The other lesser known statue features Marcus Aurelius in one of the standard poses of Roman statuary as an orator, in this case addressing his troops, with the one hand raised and his weight on one leg.

Next week, More Romans. Rita Bay

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