How to catch your MUSE, I just call it my inspiration.

What pumps you up more then your muse… the ideas floating around in your head. It’s like a hurricane spinning wild and its controlling everyday life because all you want to do is write. The house goes to the dogs, and dinner is late or you might offer a burnt offering, shrugging it off, thinking to yourself, “You should of did the cooking.” I’m like a junkie with a high when it’s in full swing. I love how my mind works and builds a character, a scene. In my head their is a movie going on and you have to catch it as it flows. Forget the world your living in because your not there anymore your in your own world.
Then sometimes you crash and burn and you need your muse back, feeling frustrated or in withdrawals you might turn cranky, or go into a depression. First I try a movie, something that might motivate me, or read a book. I love artwork, so sometimes I’ll go look for something new, or a music video. Alot of times music can jump start me, but under worse case situations, I tell my hubby, ROAD TRIP, and we head out to the French Quarters, Magazine Street, the River Walk, stop and eat at some hole in the wall, and I’m good to go.
So, you have to find what triggers yours, and work with it. Sometimes for me a song, or a certain movie that might work for one scene is all used up in my head because I listened to it too many times and it’s lost it’s magic. So, I have to go out and hunt for something new to replace the high..
Write on, It’s been fun.. A few pictures for you to enjoy..

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Tuesday’s Industry News: Bootcamp Anyone?

Hello all! If you’ve read any of my twitter updates or my blog updates you know that I’ve been running around from one book to another for the last month. I’m a member of several organizations which have “bootcamps” going on. One I decided to join after the fabulous Liz at Savvy Authors drill sergeanted me into picking one book and finishing it. I gotta say she can be a hard ass and it worked 🙂

So now I’ve signed up for bootcamp and I’m pulling my material together to finish my Steampunk book which I’ve written three chapters on now. I don’t have to have this book finished for any reason but its not like me to not want to finish a book, well besides the young adult book. And of course as soon as I committed to writing one book a new fabulous idea came to mind that I want to write a novella with for an ebook. And when I say fabulous I do mean it!

What to do what to do? I’ve never participated in a bootcamp because I’ve never had the problem of not finishing something so I’m a little nervous. Have you ever participated in any sort of “bootcamp” for writing or anything else? If so did you find it helped or not?

And just for giggles here’s what I’m thinking my inventor hero of my steampunk will look like: Oh and the title of the book is… Steamed, Primed, and Pumped 🙂

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