Sayde’s Cowboy of Last Week

All right, I know I missed posting last weeks cowboy! Sorry! I didn’t get to honor him the way I normally do but I’ll go ahead and tell you guys it was Brian Canter! He’s too cute and I’ll continue to post info and pictures of him this week.

Today though I’d like to discuss contests and something from the Kelly Stone interview. Here’s the excerpt from the post:

 SS: Now, in reading the book, I found out about this “Anti-writer”. Can you tell our readers what it is, and how do we avoid it?

 Kelly: The anti-writer is in the preconscious, which is between the subconscious and conscious minds. It can actually thwart your goals at becoming a successful writer unless you control it. It manifests in the form of thoughts and feelings of negativity related to your abilities as a writer. One way to combat it is by keeping a notebook and writing down all negative thoughts you have about your abilities as a writer.

Write down all the ways you sabotage your own writing efforts–maybe you set aside time to write but when you get to your desk, you consistently draw a blank and don’t write anything, and never get a manuscript finished.  That’s your Anti-Writer™ at work.

After you have identified patterns of your Anti-Writer™, create on index cards countering statements to your Anti-Writer™ thoughts. For example, if something you think a lot is, “I never have time to write,” a countering statement can be,  “I know there is time in my day to write, and I will find it.”


Okay, so as I’m getting my entry ready for The Linda Howard Contest I’m trying to fight off my “anti writer”. But I’m having a hard time. After reading the interview have you gained new perspective or found new ways to fight off that part of you? Let me know I’m working on drowning mine!

 BRIAN CANTER ladies and gentlemen:
Isn’t he pretty!

To Enter or Not to Enter (With apologies to the Bard)

So, I have taken the on line mini class on the judging of the Southern Magic RWA contest. It sounds like the judges are on a great path with what they plan to do with the scoresheets (which have been revamped). It really sounds like there will be some constructive criticism with no snarkiness. I like that idea. A lot. So, my dilemma. Do I enter or not? I think my new story is the best work I’ve done so far. But, is that my ego or is it good? Do I risk being shot down on what I think is good? Or will I be demoralized? The trouble with this stuff is that you can think you’re on the right track and BAM! your teeth get knocked in.  Am I ready to re-enter that arena? With my new baby? That’s the goal of this weekend. Make a decision to act. Put on the armour, so to speak.    Or I should say, put on my rhino skin, grab some lotion and hit the “submit” button.

Speaking of this weekend, Bad-urday tomorrow has a birthday boy.  Kelly  Stone will be here with an interview, Sunday, I believe. Her new book is amazing and even comes with a meditation CD.  So, tune in fer sure, chicks.

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