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Jillian here. This is a box set of Regency era stories. Mine is called Milady and Her Spy. It’s a wild romp of an adventure. Only 99 cents at your favorite e-book retailer.
Pre-release reviews:
“What do you get when you bring 8 amazing authors together? Eight GREAT stories of course with a wide range of storylines!”
“This was a fantastic collection of romance tales, both individually and as a whole. I’d definitely recommend it to all those who enjoy the genre.”
“What a collection! There wasn’t a single story in this set that didn’t hold my attention throughout.”
“My 5 stars are based on those books, it is that wonderful!”
“A lovely collection of regency romances, centered around true love.”
“Every story is a real pleasure to read with the heroes and heroines both being strong characters who face adversity but through thick and thin they fight for happiness with each other.”
Once Upon a True Love’s Kiss is a delightful limited edition, containing eight tantalizing kiss-and-tell stories. Meet dashing, wildly charming rogues, spies, pirates, rakes and their extraordinary, intrepid heroines as they whisk you along on sweet to sizzling romantic romps in these wickedly entertaining historical romances.


Badurday- February 2, 2013- New Release

It seems all I do is talk about new releases. I’ve been on a short story kick lately and this one that released this week is no exception. In fact, the one that I’m going to chat about here is under 40 pages. The final editor even left me a comment that said she loved it so much that she wished it was longer. I’m thrilled with that since I’ve been going through another one of those spells about if I’m spinning my wheels! LOL! We writers and our angst about being good enough, huh?

This story is set in the 1920s and the characters are named after my great-grandparents who I loved dearly. This is a mystery/romance and I hope the readers love it as much as I do. The cover is awesome and the cover artist, Dawne Dominique nailed my vision of this story.

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In 1924, Carver Fowler, a young man raised on his family’s farm in North Alabama, has long been in love with one of the girls who lives in town. Her name is Mallie Phillips. Mallie has always treated Carver as beneath her notice since in her opinion he’s nothing but a country yokel. The county’s fall festival is soon and, as a joke, Mallie is dared by a friend to ask Carver to be her date to the party. Mallie takes her up on the dare and visits Carver to invite him to accompany her to the festivities. In the midst of all the intrigue about whether Carver will be her date or not, a young man is killed and another is attacked. Carver becomes a suspect and Mallie begins to understand that Carver may not merely be the backwoods boy she thought he was.

Badurday- January 19, 2013- Tavares

I wrote a short story this week with the heroine age 46 and the hero age 55. I thought it was time for me to do that since that’s my demographic now. LOL! I plan to submit it this weekend. I think there’s at least one more story with these characters so I think I’m going to be visiting with them some more. I started this story back in December but concentrated on getting it finished this week. It was initially called, The Stranger. I since decided to rename it in honor of the Tavares song, It only Takes a Minute, Girl but to stop any confusion about whether the story is about a quickie or not, I’m extending the title of the story to include more of the song so the title is It Only Takes a Minute to Fall in Love.
Here’s the video of it from Youtube:

I also have a new release this week on Tuesday- it’s called Doctor, Lover, Baronet and is available on preorder here at this link. It’s at a 10% discount until the 29th of January.

Badurday- January 5, 2012- Free Read Saturday

My short story set on Pensacola Beach, SURF BREAK, is a free read at this weekend. Grab your copy before Monday morning. Here’s the link

and here’s the book trailer:

The 2012 Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest Finalists – Short Story

 This week the Sizzlers at Southern Sizzle Romance are pleased to host the finalists of the 2012 Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest. Visiting today are the Short Story finalists – Nancy Lee Badger and Cara Michaels. Read their short excerpts, click on the book covers to read more, then hit that Buy Button.    


DRAGON IN THE MIST by Nancy Lee Badger


Her heart ripped apart as she stamped her feet. Her dragon strength surged and the earth beneath her feet shook. Birds took to the skies and screeched, as they flew away across the loch. Stacked timber near the dock gave way beneath the tremors, and fell into the water. A boat in dry-dock slipped off its scaffolds and crashed on its side. Screams echoed from the inn and the two American females ran into the street.


     Nessía closed her eyes and took several deep, cleansing breaths. Collecting herself, she urged the trembling to stop. When it did, she strode toward the pub.



     She forced her feet to keep moving away from the inn, but two strong arms circled her shoulders. Rory turned her until she faced him. She refused to glance up. He cupped her chin, forced her head up, and she gazed into eyes filled with concern. And…love?

Silly dragon. Ye are a powerful, earthquake- causing creature. Forget him. Nessía found it hard to believe her own thoughts, especially when his mouth crushed hers in a brutal, yet passionate kiss.

     “My God. Are you okay?”

     “I am quite well, sir.”

     “So formal? When the earthquake shook my backpack and notebooks to my bedroom floor, all I thought of was making sure you were safe.”


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Commander Gemma Bryant left Earth knowing full well the man selected to be her mate couldn’t stand the sight of her…

Chosen to lead Gaea’s Ark, humanity’s first deep space settlement ship, Gemma is awakened from 19K years in stasis to find her mission gone horribly wrong. They’re off course and missing crew, and for the remaining Chosen, the world they’ve landed on is far from uninhabited.

Supplies are short and cabin fever is growing. As if she doesn’t have enough to manage, a humanoid species is unexpectedly claiming her crew’s attention. They’re unbelievably fast and beautiful, but are they friend or enemy?

Gaea’s Chosen: Ten men and ten women traveling 20 light years across the galaxy to settle a new world. The chance of disaster far outweighs the chance of success.

* * * * *

It was him—the meta—as big as life and impossibly beautiful. He circled the chamber in a slight crouch that made his full height impossible to gauge. I spun to keep him in view. I doubted he could see me through the treated glass, but when he stopped I laid my hand against that cool barrier separating us. For a moment I swore his eyes tracked my movement and disappointment stabbed through me when he didn’t return the gesture. Then his eyes locked on my face—maybe he could see me—and he stood, drawing my eyes up. And up.

Oh, my God. I swallowed around the boulder in my throat as he leaned closer. A completely irrational self-consciousness had me running a less-than-steady hand over my hair. The corner of his mouth tipped up. A smile?

I didn’t move, I barely breathed. Both actions distracted me from memorizing his face. His eyes, green with a catlike iridescence, sparked in the ambient light. He sat down, his side against the glass. Looking out over the ship, he patted the spot next to him. Whether meant or not, I took the gesture as an invitation and slid down, imagining that I could feel the warmth of him pressed against me.

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The Sizzlers at Southern Sizzle Romance ( were pleased to host the finalists in the 2012 Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest. Contest winners will be announced at the Silken Sands Conference, March 16-18, 2012, at the Hampton Inn on Pensacola Beach, FL.    

 The conference will feature Barbara Vey from Publishers Weekly as the Kickoff Speaker and author Beverly Kendall as Keynote Speaker. Activities include three days of workshops and panels, a costume ball, banquet and pitch sessions with well known, acquiring editors and agents. Editors/agents include: Amanda Bergeron, Associate Editor at Harper Collins/Avon; Angela James, Executive Editor for Carina Press; Holly Blanck, Associate Editor at St. Martin’s Press; Grace Bradley, Editor at Ellora’s Cave; Lucienne Diver, Literary Agent at The Knight Agency; Jenny Bent, Literary Agent at The Bent Agency; and Sandy Sullivan, Executive Editor, Secret Cravings Publishing.

Conference registration remains open and Friday or Saturday-only registration is available. For more info:                          Rita Bay for the Sizzlers


Since Sayde is late

I’m gonna share a bit of news from the sfcatty vault-  And Sayde, feel free to post above me- 

Anyway, wrote a short story last night called Rumpelstiltskin’s Quest for an anthology called Free Range Fairy Tales. It is an anthology along the lines of the old Fractured Fairy tales of the Bullwinkle show.  Anyway, mine is a romance for Rumpelstiltskin.  I edited it at lunch, submitted it at 2:00 and by 4:30, I had an email from the editor. She said my story is “a charmer” and it is definitely a go for the book. She’s sending a contract.  So, I can sell the hell outta shorts- just gotta get someone to like a long!

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