I’m Going to Disney World!

It has been a wild month for the Sizzle Chix! All our fabulous guests, SFCatty taking the publishing world by storm, Sayde Grace continuing to rock the western romance! You better keep reading the blog, cause there’s no telling what will happen next!
And you all know the line of commericals Disney does, where after winning some championship or award or other mega-achievement, the celebrity says the only thing that could be better: “I’m Going to Disneyworld!”
Well, that is Romancemama’s shout this morning. While the rest of you toil away at the writing or the dayjob on Friday, I shall be hobbing and nobbing with the Disney princesses. Or actually, I’m hoping to meet the villainesses — I have a lot more in common with Maleficent and Ursula, if you know what I mean.
And while my children think that I am going to Mouseketeer Central because of their church youth trip, the fact is that I will be celebrating one of the most important days of the Ro’mama year.
Yes, it is that time again — September 10!!!
And why, you may ask, is Septemeber 10 a red-letter day? Children, it is no less than the birthday of Mr. Darcy himself, the man I would leave my husband for (ok, not really, but I would consider it!) — Colin Firth is 50 on Friday!
So here is a little video — some of you may have seen it before. As you can imagine, it is high on my list of favorite movies — right behind P&P95, both Bridget Joneses, Girl with a Pearl Earring … well, you get where I’m going with this.
So on Friday, September 10, don’t forget to lift a cup of fair trade coffee and have a scone in honor of Our Dear Boy!!!

Ok, so he’s not wet in most of these pictures, and this is Wetsday, after all. You want wet, just freeze frame P&P95 as he gets out of the pond — that translucent white shirt, that tall, wet body …

Wetsday with Prizes!

Well, happy Wetsday, one and all! I have been making fabulous progress on the WIP this week. Best thing that ever happened to be was the computer glitch I cried bitter tears over this weekend. When the computer ate my MS, I had no other choice. I started the WIP over, and this time I am much more clear on who the people are and what they are up to. It’s all good.

So the theme for the week is “making a fresh start.” As my devoted fans know, I bring you pictures of a wet, delectable male every Wednesday — or as we call it in Sizzleville, “Wetsday.” As a writer, I pick the guys who have inspired my heroes — and a few villians! And while I have been having lots of fun picking out the wet boys for you every week, I recognize that I have a severe fixation for British actors and the LOST boys. I want to open it up for more diversity. So here’s the deal.

I want you to tell me who you want to see hot and wet. Who is the inspiration for your fantasies? Being the internet diva that I am, I’ll get the pictures, if you will give me the gentlemen to look for. And to make sure you send your suggestions, I am awarding prizes.

So give me a suggestion of who you would like to see as the Sizzler Wetsday man of the week. The criteria for the contest are:
1) Sheer unadulterated male attractiveness, and
2) The surprise factor — someone I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

SFCatty and I will discuss your suggestions over lunch and vote on a winner. Because we are the goddesses of romance you all know and love, there is no appeal from our decision, and don’t complain if you don’t like it. (Right — what’s not to like about more dripping wet guys?)

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Many will enter, few will win. (Yall knew I was gonna throw in some lawyer talk, didn’t you?) And just so everyone feels like they had a fair shot, we will draw a second place winner at random.

The prizes? Oh, they are fabitty fabulous! The winner gets his/her (yes, this is an equal opportunity contest) choice of a signed Suzanne Enoch historical (By Love Undone) or a signed Angie Fox paranormal (The Dangerous Book for Demonslayers). The second place winner gets the other.

You have 24 hours. Hit me with your best shot — your most unexpected source for serious male yumminess. We will announce the winner as soon as SFCatty and I have done sufficient research, checking out all your suggestions online. (Oh, how we Sizzlers suffer for our followers!) Make sure you check back, in case I don’t know how to forward you your prize. Don’t delay, enter today!!!

Oh, and I didn’t forget the male pulchritudinousness for the week! The only word for this week’s guest is “Viggolicious”:

An Extra Special Wetsday/BadBoy for SFCatty

I still have SFCatty’s  Christmas and Birthday presents under my tree. I am always the latest person to get people their gifts — my brother still gives me grief about the year I gave him his present in July (his DOB is 1/7!)

But I have picked out a special Wetsday for her today to celebrate her birthday (albeit late as usual). This video combines a skinny-dipping scene with other great shots of her all-time favorite BadBoy.  While my heart still belongs to Colin, I have to say I wouldn’t kick SFCatty’s favorite Brit out of my hot tub, if she ever chose to send him over for a dip!

Without further ado, here is the one and only Hans Gruber, Sheriff of Nottingham, Col. Brandon himself, Alan Rickman!!!!