Badurday- July 14, 2012- Jeremy Northam

I watched The Net this week and again fell in love with the bad boy all over again. Jeremy Northam plays the seductively evil villain in this movie and it was one of the first movies I ever saw him in. And, as usual, even way back then, I fell for the bad guy. I kept hoping for redemption for him. Alas, it was not to be.

I also turned in the first edits this week on The Gambler’s Brother which is due out in October. Jeremy was the inspiration for the hero in The Gambler. That story is the first in a series of three books, so Mr. Northam has been on my mind this week. The Gambler is available now at my publisher as well as other outlets.

Enjoy this montage of Jeremy’s film roles from You-tube.

Wetsday from Arabella

I don’t know, guys. Sometimes you just lose the Muse. And those of you who are familiar with my Muse, Dearest Bridget, know her to be one of the more flighty of the breed.

OmiGod, Bridget! Come back! I didn’t realize you were standing there. No, sweetie! I meant that in the most flattering of ways! Here, come sit down and get comfy. I’ve got something ofa treat for you today.

So, as I was saying: I just haven’t been feeling the inspiration here lately. Haven’t found nay thing that got me in the blog writing mood.

No, Bridget! I’m not blaming you for that! Of course the people know how hard you work on my stories. They love you for it … Yes, I love you too. Here, let me get you a cuppa that lovely Darjeeling.

Better? Ok, wait right there.

So. Where were we? Yeah. Right. Inspiration. One of the best ways to get your LOVELY AND TALENTED MUSE to her Happy Place is with music. So for today’s little Wetsday treat, I went back to an old favorite – It’s Raining Men.

You may be familiar with the Austen Heroes in Period Dress video set to this song – it’s a YouTube classic. But here it is, updated with some Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey) yumminess, plus some Firth, Depp, Gryffudd, etc.

So y’all enjoy!

Scoot over, Bridget! Jeez, give a girl some room here!

badurday- December 31, 2011

I’ve been sick since I got home from London and have not gotten a chance to see this film yet. I’m going today and am gonna cough my way through it. I love Mr. Downey, Jr. He’s got so much charisma, it ought to be illegal. I hope you all got to check him out in this film.



Badurday- August 13, 2011- Jeff Goldblum

I know some of you are saying, “what the heck is Jillian thinking? Jeff Goldblum as a hot, sexy bad boy? huh?”  Well hang on, chicas and gentlemen, he’s a pretty hot guy.  I know, I know, he plays a lot of weird roles and likes to be quirky, but trust me on this. I would not lead you astray.

The Fly was a remade with Jeff in the starring role and while some of the movie was quite gross, did you notice the body on the star? WOW!!  He looked really good.  He’s played in a number of big hits, such as the Jurassic Park films and Independence Day. I liked his charmingly annoying character in The Big Chill, too- that was just a great film with a stellar cast anyway.

One thing you may not know about Mr. Goldblum is that he’s a very talented pianist. Don’t know if you saw the episode of Law and Order, Criminal Intent where he played, but that was really him.

Here’s a montage of the sexy, yes, I said sexy, Jeff Goldblum. (click on the one in the center bottom for a look at The Fly). I couldn’t resist the one in the pink shirt! LOL!

Badurday – March 5, 2011- Liam Neeson

As the person I chatted to on Friday said to me as I tried to decide who to use for Badurday, our boy of the day is not bad– he’s a bad-ass!!  LOL!  He’s an awesome actor. I don’t believe I’ve seen any movie he’s in that I haven’t loved his performance.  One of my favorite roles of his was the fun Hannibal of the recent flick, The ATeam. It was a romp and a rollicking good time.  I also loved him in Michael Collins. I love that historical era and the fight for Irish liberation is a fascinating era in the history of that country. I wrote a book that comes out in July that has a couple of totally fictional scenes with Michael Collins in them.  Liam did an excellent job as the hero of the Irish fight for freedom.  He was even a wonderful Jedi warrior.  A couple of weekends ago, I saw his  newest movie, Unknown, and yep, I have to agree with Dandwh who I talked to today, he’s one bad-ass actor!!  And as you can see by these pictures, he has a strong thigh (definitely a plus in my book) and he’s ruggedly handsome. Adore him. And I added a cute video from you-tube, too.

December 22, 2009 Sexy Santa

Thought I’d treat us to a Sexy Santa in honor of Christmas this week.  How’d you like this dude coming down the chimney?  

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