Sex on the Beach- a Special Badurday Post

JILLIAN: Today we have a guest, Katie Reus. She’s a great writer- very versatile- and she’s an amazing person. Hope you enjoy her post and try the recipe.  Be sure to leave a comment to win!



Thank you, Jillian for letting me blog with you! Jillian and I belong to the same RWA chapter and she’s been nice enough to let me hang out with The Sizzlers today! 

Earlier this month I had a release from Carina Press. Dangerous Secrets is a romantic suspense heavy on the romance and hotness. When I filled out the cover request form for this book I noted that there is a pivotal moment in the story that takes place at the beach (actually in the ocean) where the two main characters both realize that their relationship is changing. So when I got my final cover I was pleasantly surprised they’d included the ocean as a background. In case the title of this blog gives you any hint, this pivotal scene revolves around sex and since this is the last blog on my blog tour, I thought I’d share a fun recipe.

 What goes into Sex on the Beach?

1 ½ ounces of vodka (my favorite!)

½ ounce peach schnapps

2 oz cranberry juice

2 oz orange juice

 Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake and pour into a highball glass. Garnish with an orange slice (optional).

 A little less than a decade ago I was bartending while finishing college and during the summer, this cocktail was always a customer favorite. Thankfully it’s easy to make. So, what’s your favorite drink? Leave a comment and be entered to win a copy of Dangerous Secrets in digital format. I’ll announce the winner in the comments section of this blog tomorrow (Sunday) after noon (Eastern).

 Dangerous Secrets Blurb:

 Isabelle Ballantine has been fighting for independence since she was old enough to walk. Now that she’s finally out from under her father’s shadow, she won’t let anyone stand in her way. It’s tough living on her own, working in a bar and keeping her true identity a secret, but things start to look up when a sexy new stranger walks into her life. After working side by side for weeks, Izzy can’t figure out why he won’t make a move.

 To cinch the deal of a lifetime, Adam Marcellus agrees to help Izzy’s eccentric father convince his daughter to move home. He’d assumed Izzy would be another spoiled rich princess, but he’s surprised to discover his feelings for her are stronger than anything he’s ever experienced. When a deranged stalker targets her, Adam finds himself fighting not only an unknown threat—but an unexpected attraction to the one woman he can’t have.

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