Wetsday: You’re My Inspiration

Richard Armitage, Wetsday Edition

Ok, my muse is officially nuts. She is a manic-depressive, ADHD, schizophrenic b!tch. Maybe that’s why she and I get along so well.
But this past week, she has been making me crazy. I was chugging along on the historical/paranormal — not making wordcount history, but getting it done. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, Miss Muse decides I need to write a chick-lit contemporary. And she won’t talk to me about the historical til I do.
Now, kids, I don’t read chick-lit. I am faithful to my boys in boots and breeches. The last contemporaries I read and enjoyed were the Bridget Jones books. But Miss Muse is insistent, and I have to do what I am told.
So for Wetsday this week, I thought I would tell you a little about the new WIP. See what y’all think.
I don’t wanna tell the title, cause I am pretty proud of it, and I am gonna keep it under wraps til I start submitting. (SFCatty, I learned this from you when your character name was poached!) But basically, the story is a southern-fried Bridget Jones’ Diary. The main character wants to be a romance-novel heroine, but finding a hero isn’t that easy.
She meets a guy who seems to be perfect.

Richard Armitage in North and South

As I describe him in the story, I see a cross between Richard Armitage (North and South, Robin Hood) and vintage Sean Connery.

Vintage Connery

Old Skool Wet Connery

But it turns out he is no better than a Wickham

Wickham, You Cad!

or even a Daniel Cleaver!

The Dastardly Mr. Cleaver

Wet Hugh Grant

Eventually, our girl learns to recognize her Mr. Darcy where she least expects him to be.

She ends up happy ever after with the guy who has loved her all along — who happens to have an amazing resemblance to Eddie Redmayne (Pillars of the Earth,
The Other Boleyn Girl)

So, these are the guys who have been inhabiting my fantasy life here lately. Whatcha think???

Badurday April 10, 2010

I watched a really intriguing movie this week called Twisted.  I’m behind the times. It came out in 2004. Never heard of it back then. It was really a good movie.  Had our bad boy in it as well as Ashley Judd and Samuel L. Jackson.  I recommend it.  My #2 son says that Samuel L’ Jackson says the “F” word in every single movie he’s in. Interesting side note- In the rated PG13 movie, 1401– Samuel said the “F” word. Wonder how they got that past the censors?

Ok. back to Badurday.   This guy was a member of the Godfather saga and was a bad boy in the Ocean’s movies.  He also played gangster Lucky Luciano in Hoodlum

But he has played some good guys. Lots of good guys.  He played a G-man in one of the first things I remembered seeing him in. The Untouchables. He was one of Ness’ men. Sean Connery was great  in that one, too. Kevin “whiney voice” Costner was passable.

Who can resist him?  And one of the most awesome things about him is the long term of his marriage.  27 years.  That to me, is dead sexy.  To stay true.  To one woman.


BAD-URDAY, The Bond Addition

In honor of all the television stations that run a skeleton crew on holidays and run endless Bond marathons so their staffs can have the day off, here are the ubiquitious bad boys of film:  The Bonds.   Now, I know you all think George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton don’t really belong here as Lazenby was only in one and Dalton is better suited to play a villian (Think The Rocketeer and that Simon Pegg  movie that’s a spoof of cop stories- can’t think of the name), but, I have to include them as they are part of the legend.   Pierce Brosnan was too pretty but he has been looking more rugged in the last few years.   My personal favs are Sean Connery and Roger Moore.   Even my older son says that Sean, and I quote, “Is a beautiful man.”    Anyway, enjoy our own holiday Bond marathon today.   

 Who’s your favorite Bond between the sheets?

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