Blog Hops and Valentines Day

Hello everyone! Wow, I can’t believe that Rawhide Angel hs been out for two weeks now. I’ve been waiting sopatiently for a review about this book to come out(yeah, right) and I finaly got a small review. I received 5 stars form a reader and can’t be happier. I also found out that Rawhide Angel is a best seller on All Romance Ebooks as well as on Bookstrand. I’m beyond thrilled.With my new job I’ve been so out of touch with the writing community and really haven’t been writing much lately but now that my latest release is doing so well I think it’s time I get back to writing.

In the mean time, I’m doing a few Valentine Day blogs. The first bloghop I’m doing is hosted by Under the Covers and has over 71 authors and bloggers participating!

The next bloghop I’ll be doing is by the fabulous group at Just Romance Me. This blog is wonderful!!!

New Cover!!

Hello everyone. I am posting from my phone again so hopefully everything shows up. I’ve been working on my last Built Cowgirl Tough book for awhile. Finally after months of edits, galleys, and tears Rawhide Angel is ready for release. Late last night I received all the final details as well as my gorgeous cover. My last two covers were for books with a different publisher and well, not as sexy as my covers from The Wild Rose Press. So here you all go, all the nitty gritty details as well as the cover !!


Rawhide Angel is scheduled to release 1/27/2012 for a steal at 2.99!!


With her father’s gambling debts about to ruin the family ranch, Saige Thomely is determined to do whatever or whomever it takes to cover the debts. Unfortunately for her, one man is a sure bet, the one cowboy she’s tried to ignore for six months. The same cowboy who makes her body and heart flame to life with each look. Saige is prepared to offer herself in exchange for the money to cover the debts, but what she’s not prepared for is losing her damaged heart to another cowboy. Night after night, for half a year, Chet Haskins has dreamed of having the blonde and sexy as sin Saige Thomely in his bed, writhing under him. At long last his dreams might become reality, only Chet’s heart wants more than just a few nights of steamy sex. But will the ghost of past relationships come between them? Or can Chet show the passionate Saige he’s truly the one to save her ranch and her heart?


Edits Are Fun, Yeah Right!

Hello everyone! So I just wrapped up edits on my upcoming release, Rawhide Angel. Right now the copy editor has it and copy editor willing I’ll be done with that book after a great read through. While I wait my wonderful critique partner, Rebecca Zanetti mentioned a romantic suspense book that I had started awhile back. I actually wrote around 16k on the book before seeing something shiny and forgetting about it :). Now I’m reading through it and well, I like it. I mean I like all of it except my bad guy.

Sometimes I see these series in my head and honestly believe that I can pull off a trilogy. I had this in mind when I began this book. In fact, I know each character what their beginning is, their arc, and their end. All except my bad guy that is. Holy crap its hard to make a bad guy really bad. I mean, yeah I can say he’s just insane but come on, that’s just not gonna fly with an editor. Plus, I have three bad guys but only one is the ultimate villan. Oh I’m so out there on this one!!

One day I’m going to write a book on all the comments I make to myself while writing as well as all the comments that Rebecca says. Some of them make me want to scream, others actually help. While I was stressing out Sunday on how to manage my bad guys and their stories Rebecca simply said, “Tell one story at a time. Focus on one bad guy in each book.” Oh soooo simple. I’m very blessed to say that I am PLOTTING the first book out with limited book two focus. Of course I have to add a little here and there to work with in book two but I’m so happy now that my mind is not spinning out of control.

While I have your attention however, I’d like to say I wish you all a happy holiday season. Recently while I was working I was told that one of my students wasn’t allowed to participate in anything to do with Santa Claus. At first I thought it was because her religion didn’t believe in the celebration of Christmas. Over the years most religions have conceded that scholars are right and Christ wasn’t born in the fall and that early catholics picked the time to celebrate his birth to offset the pagan holidays. So I just assumed that was what it was with my student. However, I was wrong. Her family simply doesn’t believe in the commercialism of Christs birthday. They don’t believe in Santa or what he stands for. So, just out of curiosity I wonder what you all think? Me, I see what they mean but I also believe that Santa is a great tool. I told my children that Santa helps deliver presents and spread God’s message.


Thanks all,

Sayde Grace

Turkey Turkey and SHOPPING

Hello everyone! Well it’s Tuesday again and here I am. I have to say I am so behind on all my emails and catching up with friends that it’s ridiculous. I recently joined a group blog called Castles and Guns which now puts me in four group blogs. However, my first and closest to my heart is Southern Sizzle. Not only is this my first ever blog but these ladies are like family to me. Lately I’ve been so busy that I’ve forgotten to take the time and thank my fellow Sizzler ladies. It’s like we’re the Golden Girls, I want to sing the theme song each time I think of these wonderful women. Also it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned my dear friend, wonderful critique partner, and terrific author, Rebecca Zanetti. Bec and I have been beyond busy with edits, school, and family and things are slowly settling back into a rhythm for us but let me just say her latest release, CLAIMED is sure to be a holiday super star!!


Ok, so moving on let’s talk about Thanksgiving. Well, I admit this Thursday I will have one too many pieces of pie and cookies. I gladly admit I will eat until I can not eat any more and then make take home plates. You see, I need that nutrition for the big hunt later that night. Oh thats right, I will be one of those crazy people sitting in a line at WalMart around seven o clock. From there I will hit Old Navy, Kohls, and Jc Penny, I might even hit up Lowes and Home Depot.  I love black Friday shopping. It can be a blast if you keep your cool and know when to go home. I mean, when the joyous feeling of shopping starts to drain, you should go home.  And when some mean or tired “need to be in home asleep” person is beyond rude to a sales person on please be extra sweet to that sales person on your turn.


All right everyone, I miss you all and please let me know something that you are doing on Thursday!


Villains and Heroes with author Rebecca Zanetti



              My Hero could’ve been the Villain

A big thanks to Sayde Grace and the Sizzlers for having me over today!

I’ve been thinking about villains lately because I have more than a couple in the Dark Protector Series.  So what makes a good villain?  At first blush, it seems like he should be the opposite of the hero.  But then I thought on it some more.  I think at their core, the hero and the villain are similar.  They’re usually strong, smart, capable, ambitious, arrogant, and often incredibly focused.

It’s what they do with these traits that determine whether they’re the hero or the villain.  Because really, it’s the choices we make in life that matter.  You take a person and make their life flow easily, no concerns, no temptations…that’s not a hero.  That’s boring.  At least when it comes to a paranormal romance.  Heck, any romance.

Take Malcolm Reynolds, for example.  If you haven’t seen Firefly, you’re missing out.  It’s a television show that lasted one season…and then they made a movie about it called Serenity.  See that too.

But here’s the deal.  Malcolm is the hero…and he’s a rebel.  A true rebel who should’ve been the good guy.  He knows he should’ve been the good guy. Instead, he smuggles, steals, and fights against the bureaucracy that has taken over the world.  And it costs him.  Yet, he doesn’t stop. 

He’s the hero in his little part of the universe.  Kind of.  There’s one scene where he gets in a sword fight (his first) and the bad guy is going to kill him.  Somehow, he gets the upper hand.  So Mal pins the bad guy but can’t kill him.  Mal says, “Mercy is the mark of a great man.”  Then he stabs (lightly) the bad guy.  Then Mal says, “Guess I’m just a good man.”  Then he pokes the bad guy a few more times.  “Well, I’m all right.”

One of the very appealing characteristics about a hero/villain is the absolute comfort in their own skins.  Right or wrong, good or bad, both the hero and the villain have no intention of changing.  In CLAIMED, the hero is the oldest Kayrs brother and the king of the entire vampire world.  He’s stubborn, fierce, and some might say…a bit over-the-top Alpha.

He does his best to rule the world and hold on to the mantle of diplomacy.  But the second his mate his threatened, he throws diplomacy to the wind and lets the animal within take over—without a hint of hesitation.  To quote Dage, “So be it.”

Thank you to the Sizzlers for having me over today!  I’d love to send a signed copy of FATED (Book 1in the Dark Protectors) to a commenter today.  So…can you think of a hero with villainous traits?

Thank you so much for stopping by Rebecca! I love these books and as her glorious critique partner I can say hahaha I’ve read Dages story and its great!

Phantasy Friday: New Orleans Voodoo; Requests and Tributes to Marie Laveau

Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau's Tomb in St. Louis Cemetery #1

Halloween is the time when everyone’s thoughts turn to the occult. Maybe only in the form of scary costumes for children, maybe a few remembered snatches of hushed family conversation about an unusual–and unexplainable–incident, maybe throwing a worried look over your shoulder in the dark, no matter how determined you are not to do so.

It’s possible something deep in the human psyche renders Halloween a time you’re more susceptible to something oppressive in the room, or a misplaced cold draft that caresses the skin to produce a fine shiver. The sensation of being watched by the unseen. Or maybe it’s the way the hairs on the back of your neck prickle for no observable reason. Candles and cobwebs. Ghosts and goblins. Tricks and treats. Samhain (pronounced Sowen), the night the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest, and spirits are reputed to walk freely upon the earth.

Ooooo! Shivers! I love Halloween!

I promised today would be Voodoo info day for Phantasy Friday. And lucky I am to live so close to New Orleans, Louisiana. After all, who’s better known than Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau? Or the fact New Orleans herself  is touted as one of the most haunted cities in America, the City of Spirits. And yes, the ‘spirit’ part can be taken two ways, because Bourbon Street is definitely Party Central! I understand some of the girls from the writers group are planning a trip to New Orleans in the near future. So this is for them. Just in case they decide to stop for a visit with Marie Laveau. C’mon, Sayde Grace! Ask Marie for her blessings on your new book VOODOO, I DO. I dare you!

Okay, playful poking at friends is over. Down to business.

Have you ever wondered how to –properly– make a request of Marie Laveau? Well, I’ve got a couple of quick etiquette tips if you’re planning a visit to her crypt in St. Louis Cemetery #1. Especially propitious right now, since the Halloween season is considered one of her most receptive times.

One way is to knock three times on her tomb before making your request. But be warned; once that request is granted, according to folklore you must return to her crypt and mark three X’s, side by side (and totally against the law!) on its surface in chalk or with a red brick chip. Or you may also leave her a money gift (coins only!), candles in powerful Voodoo colors of white, red or black, cigars, alcoholic beverages, fruit, flowers, or hand-made items that will please her.

Gifts and tributes left to Marie Laveau and Marie Laveau II at her tomb.

Pennies stacked in payment for Marie's services, and the obligatory three X's marked side by side on her crypt (totally against the law!) in chalk or with a red brick chip during a return trip to acknowledge a request granted.

Another way, if you feel inclined to ask for her help with a problem — making money, finding love, or hurting an enemy — is to make your request to her aloud, and stack three pennies on her tomb as payment for her services.








But I’d offer a word of caution though.

Be very, very careful what you wish for  —-

—– the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is always listening.


Here’s to haunting you all month, folks!



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Guest Blogger Delilah Devlin


Please give guest blogger, Delilah Devlin a huge Southern Sizzle Romance welcome!

His suffering…Though proud and strong, Eirik, heir to the Ulfhednars kingdom, found himself seduced and taken from his homeworld by a bounty-hunting vixen, who sold him into slavery. Purchased by a wealthy, Consortium-backed brothel, he is kept at a heavily guarded and secure breeding facility, where he is forced to feed the lustful whims of Helios’s elite at night. He bides his time, waiting for a chance to escape and get his revenge on the woman who betrayed him…

Her satisfaction…Once a sex thrall, Fatin earned her freedom through service. Now, as a bounty hunter, she is determined to earn enough to buy her sister’s papers from the same brothel she escaped. For this, she abducts a brutishly handsome, breed-worthy specimen from the Viking planet and delivers him to auction. But her desire for justice and his desire for freedom may consume both of them in a passion neither wanted—or can resist. “This is an exhilarating BDSM (and more) romantic science fiction… With a strong cast made up of several races and a lead couple in love and distrust, readers will appreciate Enslaved by a Viking in outer space.”

~5 Stars, Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round “This lusty novel has components of BDSM, scorching sex and the element of surprise. There is clever worldbuilding and tight plotting, with a great cast of characters…

~4 Stars, RT Books Reviews

Who Has A Newsletter??? MEEEEE

Hello everyone! Well, you all know that things around my house have been INSANE, but the last few days I have gotten to write which feels soooo good and I got to play with my website. I still want to redesign the home page but for months I have been trying to get a newsletter going. Well, I am so thrilled, beyond thrilled. I mean I didn’t feel this excited when I sold my first book! But I now have a newsletter! If you go to my website, scroll to the bottom of the page you will see I now have a newsletter, just click the little button and I also have a yahoo group.

I am also working on a widget to post all my upcoming blogs and guest bloggers. During the month of October I will be hosting several authors for guest blogs. If you want to come by and talk about just about anything please shoot me an email at Also my editor says that I should have my next cowboy release from The Wilder Rose Press in December, you all know what that means???? Cowboy Christmas!! Yay!


All right, I do have a few topics to talk about today. First there are a few things that get me choked up which we are going to discuss. One, every time the national anthem is played I get a little teary eyed. Second, anything to do with animals inspiring us or stuff like that. Third, acts of humanity. When I say this one, I mean when people do things for others without expecting or needing a reward.

The last week the Sizzlers have mentioned several times that our good friend and RWA chapter mate, author Cynthia Eden and several other authors have published Entangled, an anthology which benefits breast cancer research.

I love hearing about goodwill stories. This got me thinking about the things that I would do if I had the ability. In my local community the poverty rate is high. I am a very, very fortunate person to have the finacial  stability(although I question my money worries sometimes) to be able to provide for my children. My husband works extremely hard, and I try to work just as hard. We are lucky to have the jobs and connections that we do. However, not all the people we know do. I wish that I had the ability and funding to start a food bank in my area. We are ten miles from one small town and twelve from another. This doesn’t seem like much to most of us, but there are a lot of people who cringe when they are faced with purchasing fuel to make those miles. Also there are a great number of elderly in the community. I would love to be able to help them too. If I could, I’d serve a meal a day for all in need. It’s a dream of mine that no person go to bed hungry. I know we spend hundreds, millions of dollars to provide for the unfortunate overseas, but I’d really like to see the people in my community provided for also.

As a writer I take a special interest in the library at my children’s school. The librarian brought it to my attention that she receives NO funding for new books. That means that once a book is lost or damaged she has no funds to replace it. Thank god for PTO and donations from businesses and other generous people. I have started buying one book each time I go to the dollar store or Books A Million. Donating those books gives each child a book to take home and share with his/her parents and bring them closer. 

So today when you all go out to shop, work, or run errands pick up a few extra items to donate to your local food bank. And if you have a local school, why not donate a book, it doesn’t have to be new, just not damaged. Take inspiration from authors like all the ones participating in Entangled and pass the goodwill to others. Remember that no matter how bad your situation is someone else is suffering far more than you in one way or another.  


Go forth and be productive folks. And if you’re interested in being a guest blogger in October on my blog, send me an email at



Forms of Sexual Tension

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about different forms of sexual tension. A few months ago I did an online chat where I talked about adding emotion to your sex scenes. During the chat one of my side topics was sexual tension. Since then I have started a new manuscript where the sexual tension is thick enough to cut with a butter knife.

There are many ways to add sexual tension. I prefer to have my characters bickering. Now, I was once told that bickering isn’t something strong enough to build a plot on. That’s true, however using tha as a character trait is different.  Having a couple who have a major plot of why they can’t or won’t be together is your main concept but giving them a trait where when near each other they bicker, creating a friction between them. That friction can be just the beginning to passion.

That is just one way to create sexual tension. Some authors keep characters touching. A stroke of a hand down an arm will do it. Sometimes the gentle press of lips near flesh but never touching. And even a certain glance will create tension.

Adding an emotional element to any form of creating sexual tension will draw your readers deeper into the relationship. As a reader I know that what ties me to a character is how something effects that character emotionally. When that character is fighting with the other how does she feel? What are her hidden emotions? by bringing those hidden emotions to your readers they will connect your readers to your characters.

Those emotions can be presented in the smallest ways. Just a thought here or there. A slight sigh. A cuss. A blink. Those little actions can reveal emotions that are behind the sexual tension.

What are things you look for as a reader when it comes to tension, relationships, or traits?

thanks everyone.


Getting Back to Writing

Hello all! The last week or so I haven’t written a thing. My hub is all to blame!! He’s been on vacation and had a million things to do during the day. At night I find my laptop has been stolen so he can watch youtube. I swear him and the kids are addicted to watching youtube! But today things are back to normal and I’m trying to get back into writing.

My main problem is that I’m stuck between two books. One WIP I started two months or so ago and the other about a month ago. The first book I mentioned is a paranormal about true shifters. The plot is complex and the shifters are living amongst us in hiding. I’ve had a bit of trouble trying to get all the whys and why nots fleshed out. Also I checked my sales numbers for my paranormal books and then checked my cowboy books sales numbers and WOW! Major difference. Seems people are way more interested in my cowboys than my paranormals so I’ve gotten a little discouraged about my paranormals. My critique partner, the wonderful, but about to be harmed for teasing me with RWA information, Rebecca Zanetti believes that I should stick with this one and submit it at the Silken Sands Writers Conference in March.  I’m just not sure if I’m up to finishing another paranormal that I’ll have to shop around with the other millions of paranormals being shopped around.

The second WIP is a cowboy/motorcycle book. This one I am excited about because it’s kinda wanting to lean into a suspense. My first ever manuscript was a god awful written suspense. I still love the plot and characters but my writing really was awful. This new one is about a woman who lived on Camp Street in New Orleans as a homeless orphan. She sang in bars to earn money for food. At the age of 18 her and her boyfriend were attacked. She killed a man and fled the city. In fact, she ended up in a small town in North Montana. For ten years she’s tried to be a better person, tried to make a life for herself. But when one motorcycle riding cowboy shows up in town her life is sent right back to the days of Camp Street.  For Camp Taylor (yes, she named herself for the street she grew up on so she’d never forget how hard life was) her past comes barreling down on her when Reno Henderson brings his motorcycle gang buddies to town. One of his buddies was involved in the fight where she killed a man. Now she and Reno have to figure out if their sizzling lovelust is worth the pain and destruction sure to come.

I’ve only gotten about three thousand words written on this one but as you see I’ve got it plotted. BUT in my original plot it was not a suspense at all. It was just a love story with hot scenes. Now it seems it’s gonna have some suspense in it too.


So my question to you all is how do you decide between manuscripts. What makes you choose one over the other?


thanks all



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