Our Guest of the Day- August 28, 2010-Katie Reus

SFCATTY: Please welcome to our blog one of the Gulf Coast Chapter Romance Writers of America newest members.  She recently relocated to our area and we’re happy to have her join our group.  We’re all looking forward to getting to know her better.

Welcome, Katie.

KATIE REUS:  Happy Anniversary Southern Sizzlers! Thanks so much for letting me hang at your blog! All month I’ve been reading all these fabulous posts and wondering how the heck I’m going to come up with something just as interesting to chat about.

This past year (and it’s only August) brought forth a lot of changes for me. I moved to a new state and left all my family behind. Yes, I love my in-laws but I’m sorry, no one can replace my mom or sister. The move was thankfully very smooth though. Relocating also brought forth more changes. I went from a relatively large city to a small coastal town where things just seem to move slower. Not that I mind that. I only have to drive half an hour east or west and I’m immersed in a bigger ‘civilization’. The really big change in my life was when I made the move into writing full time. At first it was scary but it was also easy to embrace it.

So far one of the best things about the move is my new local RWA chapter. No, I’m not saying that because one of the fabulous GCC ladies asked if I wanted to guest blog this month. The vibe I got the second I stepped into my first meeting was friendly and welcoming. Way beyond what I expected. It takes me almost an hour to drive to the meetings but now that I’ve met this group, it’s not even a question of whether I’m going. Which brings me to the point of this post. I bet you thought it was about change. But it’s not. Well, not completely.

Unlike so many writers who knew what they wanted to do from practically the time they could hold a pen, I didn’t always know I wanted to write. I started writing in 2006 but I didn’t start seriously writing (with intent to publish) until the next year. Even though writers often have fragile egos and are constantly striving to develop thicker skin (I know I am), we’re still brave enough to send our work out into the world because we think we have a story worth telling.

My first year of writing I didn’t reach out to anyone in the writing community. The only thing I did was join RWA but I didn’t search out a local chapter for another eleven months. I could say it was a mistake but at the time I wasn’t ready to meet other writers. The thought of telling anyone I wanted to be a writer was terrifying. Once I finally reached out, a whole new world opened up to me. I don’t want to embarrass anyone by naming names but in the last three years that I’ve undertaken this journey to publication I’ve met so many amazing women who have helped me in ways that went above and beyond anything I ever expected. In addition to finding two amazing critique partners, one friend totally revamped both my websites for free when I had issues with my old designer, then a new designer I hired after that. Apparently I never learn. She also helped straighten out a mess I’d gotten into including losing one of my domain names. Another friend took time out of her crazy busy schedule to read some of my work and give a quote for a proposal my agent and I sent out this month. There are so many other things I could list but these two are fresh on my mind and besides, if I listed everything else it would be too long for this blog. My point is, romance writers as a whole are incredibly nice, giving people. I could be mistaken but I don’t think the online atmosphere is quite the same for writers of other genres. I hope I’m wrong. All I know is I’m happy to write romance and this community of strong, giving ladies makes it that much better.

My next release isn’t until February 2011 (with Carina Press), but my alter ego just had a release from Ellora’s Cave. Since the ladies here have been cool enough to host me I’d like to give away a copy of Tempting Alibi (digital copy) to one commenter. All you have to do is leave a comment. If you’re a writer, what’s your best experience with other writers? How have they helped you along your publishing journey? If you’re not a writer, what’s the nicest thing a friend ever did for you?

If you’re interested in learning more about me, I write romantic suspense and paranormal romance as Katie Reus. I also have a few erotic titles under that name but for the last couple years all my erotic romance has been written under the name Savannah Stuart. Both my websites are updated regularly if you’d like to check them out. www.katiereus.com and www.savannahstuartauthor.com. I’m also on twitter and facebook.

Thanks again to the ladies at Southern Sizzle Romance!

SFCATTY: Thanks again for being with us today, Katie.  Great cover, by the way.  Please leave your comments for Katie and Savannah and they’ll answer them and one lucky commenter will win a digital book.  Join us tomorrow, 8/29/10  for Patience Smith, Editor, Harlequin Romantic Suspense.

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