Talk About Hot Cowboys, Meet Author Marie Tuhart!

Hello everyone! Today I’m so thirlled to share the Tuesday spotlight with such a talented author as our guest blogger today. A little over a year ago I had the great pleasure of reading a book titled In Plain Sight. I loved it and am so thrilled that since then I’ve gotten to be in a group blog with the author of it, Marie Tuhart. Marie and I both write erotic romance about cowboys and hers are beyond smokin hot!  So it’s my pleasure to introduce our guest today, author Marie Tuhart.

Thank you for having me on your blog today, Sayde.

Sayde had asked me what inspired me to write my current release Quick Silver Ranch: Roped And Ready.  It was back in 2009, I had just sold my first book to The Wild Rose Press when the Scarlet line put out a call for new stories for a new series Cowboy Kink.

Since I was kneed deep in revisions and edits for the book I just sold, I printed out the email and set it aside for later.  Several months later, I found the email and was ready to start a new book.
After reading the requirements, I realized I was going to dip into the world of ménage.  I wasn’t against the idea, but I had to figure out how to make it work for me and my writing. Over the next week I thought about what kind of cowboy book I could write.  The idea of a dude ranch was good, but not the “kink” type of place the muse in my head reminded me.  So then I though “what about an adult dude ranch.”

My muse took notice.  I decide to take the idea of an adult dude ranch and run with it.  After some research, I started writing and in 6 weeks I had a rough draft, several critiques later and revisions, I sent the book off to The Wild Rose Press. The book sold, I was happy.  Imagine my surprise when my editor emailed me and asked if I could write the secondary characters story.  “Sure I can do that.” I wrote her back.  Within seconds of sending the email, my head hit my desk and I muttered, “Sure, I have no conflict, no plot, no idea of what I’m going to do with these secondary characters.  What was I thinking?” 
But it all worked out for the best.  Inspiration for books can come from anywhere.

Here’s a blurb for Quick Silver Ranch: Roped And Ready

After Becca Dalton finds her fiancé in bed with her boss, she ends the ill-fated engagement on the spot and quits her job. She heads to Quick Silver Ranch, looking to regroup before an interview for the job of her dreams–an executive position at a five-star hotel.
Becca’s best-laid plans are ruined when she discovers the exclusive ranch is for consenting couples who spend their days and nights exploring their most wicked sexual fantasies. For Becca to remain at the ranch and take advantage of all the arousing activities, she needs a partner.
Her sexy college lover and part owner of the ranch, Tyler Carson, is willing to break all the rules, partner up with Becca and have her roped and ready for a week of unimaginable pleasure.  But is a week enough to satisfy his desire for Becca?
Indecision kept her from going into the bedroom and packing.  A knock sounded.  Cross the room, she pulled open the door.
            “Hi,” said Tyler.
            Her insides melted.  Liquid heat flooded her pussy and her nipples grew hard.  Damn it, it wasn’t fair he could do this to her after all this time.  “Come in.”  She left the door open and retreated, wrapping her arms around her waist.
            The door slid closed with a quiet click.  She paced around the room.  “I didn’t realize-I mean-Oh, hell.”  Her arms waved in the air as she tried to explain.  “I’m sorry.  I’ll leave.”
            “You don’t have to.” He crossed the room to stop in front of her.
            The heat coming from his body singed her skin.
            “Its couple only, Tyler.  I didn’t know about the adult part either, until I read the book here in my cabin.”
            “Yes, it usually is couples only.  But you do have a choice in the matter.”
            “I don’t see how.”  She tilted her head.  Did he want her to stay?
            “We do have regular dude ranch activities.  I’m sure you read that in the brochure.  I can teach you to ride if you decide to stay.  I’ll be your guide for the week.”
            “That would be nice.”  Who was she kidding?  It would be torture.  He’s asking as a friend, not as a lover.  She wanted the lover.  After Alan’s rejection the unwanted, unlovable feelings overwhelmed her.  And now here was this uncontrollable reaction to Tyler, giving her more proof the wedding to Alan was nothing but a shame.  She needed to feel like a woman, again.  And Tyler could do that for her, she was confident he could.  But only if he was willing.
            “Your choice, Becca.”
            Her haze gaze clashed with his blue one.  Stay or go.  She wanted to stay.
            Her mind was made up.  Stepping closer to him, she asked, “Will you be my guide for the adult activities as well, Tyler?”

And for a great look at Marie’s book covers here ya go. I have to admit I thought mine were hot but hers are just steamin!

For more on Marie please check out her website:

Thanks Marie for stopping by and blogging with us today!!

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