Tuesday’s Industry News: Agents, Editor, Author Friendships Are They Good or Bad

Hello all. I posted a tweet a few days ago asking questions about traditional print vs. digital publishing to gather information about todays post. However I’ve decided to change my post topic today. This past week I received two rejections on my latest paranormal suspense. One from an editor that I pitched to online and had a few emails back and forth with. I really like this editor and want her as mine! Lol, that’s not stalkerish is it?? The second rejection came from an editor that I liked immediately after meeting her. She was funny, blunt, and very knowledgable all things that I like.

So what happens when you form a relationship of some type with an editor/agent? Do you automatically expect to be published by said editor or contracted immediately by the agent? Well I certainly hope not because you will be in for a rude awakening. The publishing world is business and just because someone is your “friend” does not mean they owe you a publishing contract or agent contract. If they do offer you one out of friendship then you should not accept it. Why? Well lets see if I can put this delicately; do you really want an agent or editor that puts her/his friends first when some of his/her other friends may not write worth a shit? That puts you in a situation where not only that person looks bad, but so do you.

Even after getting an agent or editor this still does not change in my opinion. That agent or editor can be your friend of course but we want those people representing us to be honest, to put your work first not your feelings. This may seem harsh and unfair but honestly it’s for the best. Never take rejections personally and let them mess up a relationship you have formed, are forming or would like to form. Agents and editors are there to sell your work. It’s our responsibility as writers to make sure it’s the best it can be, and to understand that friends are just that, friends.

On a different note today I’d also like to let everyone know that my second short story in my “Cowgirl Tough” series has officially been offered a contract which I will sign this week. This story is the second love story in the series and contains all the characters from Riding Double ,the first story of my series. Thanks everyone.

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