Moonday’s Paranormal Hunks

Putting on my paranormal persona today to celebrate the return of Being Human.  Being Human came to the US for its first season last year.  The series’ second season premieres tonight. SyFy brought three paranormal beings together as roommates in a house.  Aiden is a vampire (Sam Witwer from Smallville) who is tortured (most of the time) by his taste for blood and what he must do to get it.  Josh (played by Sam Huntington), a former genial med school student, is a recently-turned werewolf who must learn to live with his new life in which he awakens naked in strange and public places. The third member of the trio is Sally (Reaghan Rath), a lonely ghost who is doomed to live in the house in which she died (or was murdered). The SyFy channel is treating fans to a Being Human marathon all day Monday. Check out the pics of the stars.


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