Riding Double has a cover!

That’s right, you’ve heard it here first. My first ever cover. Those of you who know me can tell everyone else I’ve been very subdued about my contract. But you will all be glad to know that when I got this cover a few minutes ago I nearly squealed! I love it and am so proud to be posting it here first. That’s right everyone, I have not posted this cover anywhere else, you are the first to see it and I welcome your comments(only if you love it too 🙂 ).

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy of the Week!

We all know that this past week I featured Chris Shivers as my eye candy and that I just adore the short little cowboy! He’s so hot!

 Yum, Yum


While I was working on my cowboy erotic book this week I received score cards back from  a contest that I entered with another book. They were horrible, the judges were harsh and uncaring and in some cases completely out of line. Now I was bummed of course to see my work ripped apart but then again since I entered that contest I’ve done some major polishing. However they hit me on story and dialogue being unbelievable and not interesting. WOW! That’s so not what I expected. Now as I’m editing two more manuscripts I’m stuck wondering if any of my work is believable and interesting. How does one get the courage to shrug those harsh words off and move forward?

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