Badurday- January 15, 2011- Peter Greene

First, let’s get this part done.  I’m being interviewed today here:  I’m talking about Solo Honeymoon and giving away a copy.

Commercial over. Let’s talk about a bad boy!!  I watched a movie called The Rich Man’s Wife  starring Halle Berry and the bad guy was the man of the day: Peter Greene.  He’s not classically handsome, but he’s intriguing.  I like a man with nice forearms and he wins my vote for that alone (check out the second picture).  Clive Owen is also in this movie and we all know he has great forearms and thighs to boot!!

Our bad boy was also in The Mask, Pulp Fiction, Brothers in Arms, among other movies. He was also on many television episodes.  He’s classified as a character actor.  He really pulled off bad in The Rich Man’s Wife.  Bad in a wicked cool way!  Enjoy! 

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