Countdown to Conference Interview Two, Author Cat Johnson’s Cowboys

SAYDE:  Hello everyone. I’m so sorry to be posting this midday but I was sick this morning and still not feeling well so bear with me. Today we have as our guest blogger author Cat Johnson. If you’ve never read any of her erotic romances, get prepared to go get them because they are GREAT. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about the characters Cat  created and brought to life in her books, so I’ll let her tell you more about them.


Here is a confession… I fear I may be a bit of a cougar. This suspicion came to light when I met online and started working closely with a bull rider twenty years my junior who helped me write my cowboy books.
It’s not my fault, really. I mean younger men are hot. Have you looked at them? If so, then you have to agree. Sure, you may have to do things like explain to a younger man who The Who was during the Superbowl halftime show. And maybe they were born during the year you graduated college, putting them firmly in the “yes, I could have birthed him” category. But again, I remind you of the tight stomachs, the stamina (you know, in case you’re jogging with them), and of course, an eagerness to please you just don’t find in older men.

Do my not-so-secret cougar tendencies creep up in my writing? You bet they do. The older heroine/younger bull riders theme in my cowboy threesome Unridden (Studs in Spurs, Book 1) is evidence of that. Also the frequent reappearance in both books 1 and 2 in the series of the young rookie bull rider Chase who likes older women is further testament that although I don’t have the liberty of acting on my cougar nature, I enjoy it immensely in my fantasy world.

Okay, maybe I do flirt a little bit with my cowboy consultant. And yes, I’ll admit the character of Chase is totally based upon my cowboy, who thank God had another birthday. So now, thanks to the wonders of mathematics, is no longer exactly half my age the way he was the year I first met him. But aside from that, I must satisfy my inner cougar with my writing.
Yes, I’m not done with Chase (or my cowboy) yet. There are a few of his personal experiences written into BUCKED which spent its fifth day in the number one slot at MBaM today! And I just this week started writing Chase’s story for Studs in Spurs Book 3. I only hope I can make the fictional cowboy live up to his inspiration. 


SAYDE GRACE:   I’d like to add that my favorite of Cat’s books is Roughstock. I love the blend of emotion and desire she weaved within the characters in that book. All of her books have great emotional depth but for my personal tastes Roughstock is my pick.  But all who read this and leave a comment I will put your name in a drawing and Saturday morning I’ll draw for a winner to recieve a gift certificate to buy one of  Cat’s terrific books. Bucked was just released and after reading it I can say without a doubt she’s done it again! Don’t forget to leave your comments and next week we have agent Joyce Holland from the D4EO Literary Agency as well as author Amber Leigh Williams.

So take a look at Cat’s books and enter to win one!








Sayde’s Cowboy of Last Week

All right, I know I missed posting last weeks cowboy! Sorry! I didn’t get to honor him the way I normally do but I’ll go ahead and tell you guys it was Brian Canter! He’s too cute and I’ll continue to post info and pictures of him this week.

Today though I’d like to discuss contests and something from the Kelly Stone interview. Here’s the excerpt from the post:

 SS: Now, in reading the book, I found out about this “Anti-writer”. Can you tell our readers what it is, and how do we avoid it?

 Kelly: The anti-writer is in the preconscious, which is between the subconscious and conscious minds. It can actually thwart your goals at becoming a successful writer unless you control it. It manifests in the form of thoughts and feelings of negativity related to your abilities as a writer. One way to combat it is by keeping a notebook and writing down all negative thoughts you have about your abilities as a writer.

Write down all the ways you sabotage your own writing efforts–maybe you set aside time to write but when you get to your desk, you consistently draw a blank and don’t write anything, and never get a manuscript finished.  That’s your Anti-Writer™ at work.

After you have identified patterns of your Anti-Writer™, create on index cards countering statements to your Anti-Writer™ thoughts. For example, if something you think a lot is, “I never have time to write,” a countering statement can be,  “I know there is time in my day to write, and I will find it.”


Okay, so as I’m getting my entry ready for The Linda Howard Contest I’m trying to fight off my “anti writer”. But I’m having a hard time. After reading the interview have you gained new perspective or found new ways to fight off that part of you? Let me know I’m working on drowning mine!

 BRIAN CANTER ladies and gentlemen:
Isn’t he pretty!

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit 9/24

Today’s Tidbit is an easy one, someone should guess my cowboy today.

He was the 2008 PBR World Champion!

Now for the photo:


Oh my poor baby! I will come help you up, and make you feel better!

Okay, Now my question for my writers:

When you write your query, how many drafts do you go through?

A friend of mine just made her “hundredth” draft and I’m on my thrid for the book I’m querying. I am obsessive too. If the query isn’t just the way I want it I get thrown off, I start debating whether the book is good enough, I mean If I can’t write two good paragraphs then surely that means the entire book sucks.

Do you get these thoughts? Does the query process drive you absolutely mad?


Remember to leave a comment and I’ll enter you in the drawing for tomorrow. I draw for a FREE book at 10pm.

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit

Sad to say, but yes last week was a bit off for me. And I know you all are wondering what is “off” for me, well the flu! Hell, there were days last week I thought for sure someone had staked me on hwy 31 and let a truck run me over! It’s was horrible!

But I’m back and as promised I’m keeping with my foreign men, well they’re Americans now. I just love a hot South American man. This weeks cowboy, reins supreme in the PBR and he reminds me of one of my old friends from Texas, even the right age and all. I’m wondering if Tomaz changed his name!

Anyhow, heres the tidbit:

This South American BullRider lives just minutes away from one of my favorite places in the world: Fort Worth, Texas. One more reason for me to move out there! He’s married(hey, I can always admire from a distance), and get this born 1, yes 1, day after me. Now really, thats got to be a sign! So if you know my DOB then ya know his too! He joined the PBR in 1999, and since then has won the astounding amount 3,141,694.00.



Alright everyone, what do you do when all your critique partners LOVE your book, writing style, and ideas but the agents don’t. How do you entice both your readers and editors and agents to continue reading and wanting more?

And yes, I showed this week’s cowboy early, but damn what a picture! Now go forth and research. Leave a comment and I’ll enter you in the drawing for Friday. All those who left comments last week will be entered this week as well.

And the Cowboy Is?

First let me say once again congrats to romancemama for her thrilling news this week. I hope when she makes it big she’ll let me hang onto her skirt and drag me along!

Now for my Cowboy of the week.

So far we’ve learned this cowboy is Brazilian, age 27, is married, lives in Texas and his favorite color is blue. Oh, and his nickname is the “Jungle Boy.” I’ll go ahead and add a link to a wonderful story about him from the PBR. It’s an amazing article and I encourage everyone to go and read all about Mr. Robson Palermo!

Now for the pictures!




Now doesn’t the article and the pictures make you want to go and write all about a foreign bull rider and his love for America, bulls, and one very lucky lady? It does me! This is just one of the ways I get my inspiration. Now I just have to find a way to stay on goal! Tell me how you do it. Leave a comment and I’ll enter you to win a FREE book from my library. I will close the entries at 10pm tonight. Good luck and I hope you enjoy reading and looking at Mr. Robson Palermo! Just love saying that name too! Yum.

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit 9/10

Alright, I hope everyone enjoyed Wednesday those were some amazingly HOT men!! Wow, I’m scorched. But since none wore cowboy hats or boots they just weren’t making the cut! So today we move forward with this week’s cowboy.

What do we know so far?

Brazilian bullrider, lives in Texas, close friends with fellow Brazilian bullrider who just happens to of won PBR finals last year, and he’s 5ft6. Yes, I know not all that tall but he’s just so goodlooking it won’t matter!

Todays Tidbit:

PBR member since 2005, enjoys training and riding horses, he is 27 and will be 28 in November. Also known as The Jungle Boy and his favorite color is BLUE! (MINE TOO, MINE TOO!! If that’s not a sign I just don’t know what is!) Alas he’s married :(, Oh well we can still enjoy the view and here is a picture of three gorgeous south American men, one is our cowboy of the week and one will be next weeks cowboy. You figure it out!


Alright to my writers:

When you set a goal for yourself how do you stay on target? I am the worlds worst with this! If I don’t try and set a goal I can sit down and write 5000-10,000 words in a day! No lie, but if I set a goal of 3000 I can’t do it!

Yesterday I did this. I said to myself “Self, today we shall write 3200 words, tomorrow between 2500-5000 and so on until we reach 85k and the end of the book.” Self laughed at me and turned on tweetdeck! DAMN SELF!

Anyway, today I’m trying to catch up I was short of yesterdays goal by 800 words and I’m bummed. Help me out writers. what do y’all do to stay on target?

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit for Thursday


Today I’m going to post a few pictures. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to post so I’m posting both. Hope you enjoy they’re CUTE!



Next, we’re startin em’ young!!

 Look at that free arm!!


Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit for Wednesday

“Still not all Sexiness and Hotness”


Today’s tidbit is going to stay in theme with Monday’s. This Tupelo, Oklahoma cowboy was injured in September of 2004 while riding a saddle  bronc horse. The horse kicked in his skull and this cowboy spent three days in ICU then had to learn how to talk, walk, and function all over again. He’s a very Christian young man, and again is always helping with children. There are many, many cowboys out there that are good Christian men, that help with charities and are polite to women, but this young man seems to go above and beyond.

Today my question for my writers is: When writing your hero are they the bad boys that have a soft side, or do you envision men like my cowboy here? I have to admit I’m a bad boy kinda girl, but this man is so sweet and admiring that I think I’ve found my inspiration for my first book of my Cowboys! Gotta finish those cowgirls first though!


Now, go forth and research. Remember to check the tags and research those as well. I’ll be putting your names in the drawing for the book contest on Friday so leave those comments and invite your friends!

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit of the Day for Monday

“Not All Romance and Sexiness!”

Each week I will feature a cowboy that in some way inspires me, not all will be bull riders or rodeo stars. Friday of every week I will be giving away a book from my library to the person who guesses the cowboy’s name right. You’ll have to wait until Friday to see who wins but each day I will add more about the cowboy in question and be sure to post your guess each day.

This week I am featuring a cowboy whom is nice looking but his attributes lie outside the arena as well as inside. This Oklahoma cowboy is not only talented but one of many cowboys who spend their free time helping others. He’s involved in all types of charities but you mainly see him helping sick children in hospitals. This cowboy is a winner not only in the arena but out of it as well and he is high ranked in my book. Any man you will go and help give hope to critically ill children is amazing.

Now, go forth and research this information I gave you and remember Y’all come back now, ya here!

Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy of the Week!

We all know that this past week I featured Chris Shivers as my eye candy and that I just adore the short little cowboy! He’s so hot!

 Yum, Yum


While I was working on my cowboy erotic book this week I received score cards back from  a contest that I entered with another book. They were horrible, the judges were harsh and uncaring and in some cases completely out of line. Now I was bummed of course to see my work ripped apart but then again since I entered that contest I’ve done some major polishing. However they hit me on story and dialogue being unbelievable and not interesting. WOW! That’s so not what I expected. Now as I’m editing two more manuscripts I’m stuck wondering if any of my work is believable and interesting. How does one get the courage to shrug those harsh words off and move forward?

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