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Hello everyone!!!  I know I’m horrible about the blog thing, but I’ve been extremely busy. I’ve decided to self publish one of my stories Forever Lost. Here is my book cover we created ourself with the help of my fabulous talented husband. If everything goes right it should be up and running this weekend on Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles. If not, it’ll be really soon.

What I didn’t know is that my sister in law host a blog live radio site and has asked me for a interview. So, I’ll be online tomorrow night at 10pm., at Live After dark. I’ll also plug in our conference for next month.

Also if anyone else would like to do an interview please let me know and I will talk to my sister Helen Cannon.  Here is the site of the Blog Live

The Lure of Old Cemeteries

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If you know me, you would know, I’m a scary cat when it comes to watching horror movies. At the same time. I have this passion for paranormal, witches, voodoo, and old cemeteries. The old ones are my favorite, aged, and covered with moss, and some defaced from weather, and climate.

When I visit an old cemetery I love the old crypts, or graves. Love to see their names and wonder  what their life was like when they were alive. A defaced and broken crypt is ideal for a scene in any paranormal story which might include a vampire, goul, ghost, or whatever your fantasy might take a writer.

So with this in mind, here are some great pictures of some crypts located somewhere in the deep south. Let your mind wonder, and your imagination run wild, and free.

How to catch your MUSE, I just call it my inspiration.

What pumps you up more then your muse… the ideas floating around in your head. It’s like a hurricane spinning wild and its controlling everyday life because all you want to do is write. The house goes to the dogs, and dinner is late or you might offer a burnt offering, shrugging it off, thinking to yourself, “You should of did the cooking.” I’m like a junkie with a high when it’s in full swing. I love how my mind works and builds a character, a scene. In my head their is a movie going on and you have to catch it as it flows. Forget the world your living in because your not there anymore your in your own world.
Then sometimes you crash and burn and you need your muse back, feeling frustrated or in withdrawals you might turn cranky, or go into a depression. First I try a movie, something that might motivate me, or read a book. I love artwork, so sometimes I’ll go look for something new, or a music video. Alot of times music can jump start me, but under worse case situations, I tell my hubby, ROAD TRIP, and we head out to the French Quarters, Magazine Street, the River Walk, stop and eat at some hole in the wall, and I’m good to go.
So, you have to find what triggers yours, and work with it. Sometimes for me a song, or a certain movie that might work for one scene is all used up in my head because I listened to it too many times and it’s lost it’s magic. So, I have to go out and hunt for something new to replace the high..
Write on, It’s been fun.. A few pictures for you to enjoy..

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Ghost at the La Belle Bed & Breakfast

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So many ghost stories, center around New Orleans, but we have our own ghost and culture for the country folks in, Picayune, MS.  At the Bed and Breakfast which is no longer a B&B, this beautiful home was constructed in 1904 as a private residence, a boarding house, and at one point brunch to Sunday worshippers from nearby churches.

When Penny and Linden(no last name) bought the place it was in horrible condition. They worked for months, and when you first walk in the wall paper you’ll see in the pictures are now back to the original paper. The old wood walls has been restored, and the B&B is beautiful for visitors as well as the owners giving you a country welcome, and a spoiling. The thing is, the old place has more than the great owners. There is a smoker in the bathroom. A customer reported to Penny once, I swear I haven’t smoked in your bathroom, but somebody did. Penny remarked… Ahh, it’s just my ghost, If you tell it to leave … the cigarette smoke dissolves.

Another event, was a woman’s slippers were moved when she awakened the next morning. She put her slippers back on the floor straight, and later when she returned to her room, again the slippers were askew. She reported the drama to Penny and Linden, who just shrug their shoulders and said, ahh pay it no never-mind, it’s just our ghost.

A woman pulled up with anther woman for some function, and the driver happened to be a sensitive. The passenger jumped out and said, “let’s go.” And the driver replied upset, and anxious. “NO, I don’t think I’ll be coming in. There something in that house.” She told Penny how the woman reacted.

All was done with a friendly smile and replied with humor. “There is nothing to be afraid of.. it’s just my friendly ghost.”

One night, Penny woke up in the middle of the night running to the kitchen thinking she left a roast in the oven. The closer she was to the kitchen the smell of a roast cooking dissipated into nothingness. This has happened on more than one occasion.

I know all of this to be true. I never seen a ghost before, but I have house sat for 2 different Christmas’s. The first Christmas was uneventful, but the second. I bought blue slippers(seems the ghost had a preference.) nothing happened. But, when I made the bed in the other room. Every time I passed, it looked like someone had lay upon the coverlet with the indention of a body, even on the pillow. I went into the room repeatedly to repair the bed only to return to the same disorder. (I loved it.)

I would run over once and awhile to help Penny clean the place if someone special was coming over, and I would talk to the ghost. I’ve always wanted to see one, and I thought. They can tell how much I love the place. Surely they will let me see them. But to my heartache. I never received the honor, just the honor of the shadows of their presence.

I was working at my job, and Linden came in looking for me. He told me, I have something to talk to you about. So I came from behind the counter, and thinking something was wrong immediately fear raced down my spine. I asked him in a choked voice as the hairs raised at the base of my neck, and it alerted the goose-bump squad to come to attention if everything was ok?

Linden grabbed my forearms and looked at me. “your going to be upset.”

I gulped a sick feeling hit my stomach as if I turned into gusher volcano about to erupt. I said, “Ok, tell me.”

He then begin his tale… I was sitting watching Television in the back area, and when he looked up he seen the old woman coming from the hallway and she walked through the French Doors. I almost died in jealousy, but I was tickled at the same time. I wanted to run over and go say  I want to see, please. In one of the pictures you’ll see the French Doors, she was coming towards you.

So here is my story, and a few pictures of a beautiful haunted B&B in Picayune.

The Love of Writing

Hello everyone. Happy Dark Thursday. I love writing Paranormal Fantasy, and Sci-fi and along those lines. The creating process is an adventure in itself. I’m a panster, I write by the seat of my pants.  I’ve tried to write with a plot outline, but it only turns into scratch paper. My mentor Christine Feehan is the same way. First I’ll find a great name, and general idea and I begin. The story unravels as I write. Sometimes I might get an idea but it doesn’t mean the character’s listen sometimes they get a mind of their  own, or something will happen, and you’ll  just as surprised that it’s happening. I think that is awesome.

I can’t wait to be published, but I also don’t want it to stop there. I was fearful at one time thinking I might only have one story in me. Well, I found out that’s not true.  I have all kinds of characters in my head. It’s so exciting. It’s like being on a high, and your rushing to catch it because it feels so good.

I really miss not posting parts of a story. Ahh well, we can’t have everything, but I’ll fight to have as much of it as possible. Never give up your dreams. When you get them.. get a one.. Life moves in the positive.. and you’ll always get what you wish for.. by living it in your mind.

I love these pictures. The woman is awesome with her hair, and the dark lips. You can do so much with her. Enjoy.

Rolling in the Deep

Hello everyone! I truly hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. I got to go see my nephew play in a coach tournament in Foley, Al. The traffic was horrible so of course I was late and only got to see him play two innings. But his team won and I’m very proud of him. I don’t normally talk about my family here because well, they don’t all know my pen name J however, I have some of the most talented nephews ever! My oldest nephew and middle nephew are two of the best baseball players I’ve seen as kids. And no, I’m not being biased here. They have bright futures ahead. My other nephew is talented in another way, he’s a comedian and can convince you to do just about anything. He’s a talker and boy can he talk J He also rides horses and I’m looking forward to seeing how he turns out when he gets a little older and can rodeo.  So anyhow that was my weekend, seeing my nephews.

I also got the chance to write a little. I spent way too much time on youtube listening to writing music and was so surprised to be struck with an idea of a new story. It might shock you all to know that I dabble with writing Christian romance on the side. I truly enjoy writing lost love stories and how the relationship comes back together. I toy with ideas all the time and while I knew I had to write at least one scene for a paranormal romance I’m writing I found two perfect songs.

The first song I listened to while writing a fight/love scene was Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I just love this song, it’s so angry but sexy. I mean my characters were so mad with each other yet at the same time they wanted to “roll in the deep”. This was just the perfect song to listen to while having them kinda hash things out. This relationship is at the point where they can’t decide to have it all or to burn it to the ground. Of course they didn’t resolve anything but still it was fun to write and I am really enjoying writing this story when I find the time to write.

The second song I listened to screamed to my heart about lost loves. Oh wow, Adele has the best voice ever!! I’m beyond in love with listening to her sing. Her song, Someone Like You, is the ideal song for how my characters for my Christian romance are feeling. In this book it’s about two characters who were high school sweethearts yet in college everything changed and they lost each other. Years later my main character is working in the ER and in comes the man who she lost. His son is hurt and she has to treat him. She knows he’s married and is a preacher now but has no idea that his wife had left him with his son.  They get a second chance to do it over, to have an adult relationship and begin again. Only the ex-wife(lots of detail on the divorce in the book J ) shows up wanting him and their son back. My main character wants to do the right thing and let the family reunite but as a woman she wants to beat the tar out of this woman who has come back to ruin her relationship. Working everyday in the ER and dealing with the ups and downs of life, she’s started to question God also.  So it’s a journey from teenage wild child to mature woman who has to rediscover her faith and trust love. My preacher spoke of “getting in the boat” one Sunday and that sermon stuck out to me more than others. In this book this woman has to decide to “get in the boat” or be left forever on the shore.


I love to dabble. I get an idea and let it flow. If I only get one chapter so be it but I’ve got to try.  Do you dabble? Do you find one thing that you like and never try anything new?

Back to the Grind

Hello all! Well today is my first Tuesday back from our terrific anniversary celebration and I’m excited! While we were gone there were a few things that have happened in the publishing industry. First the big one! Dorchester has regrouped and are now going digital and print on demand. This is old news now but let me just say WOW. I can’t get over this.

About two weeks before RWA Nationals I was sent an email from RWA stating that due to some royalty payments going unpaid that they were not going to allow Dorchester to take pitches at conference. Let me just say I was floored, I’d been so prepared to pitch to them. Oh well, I got another appointment and moved on. I had heard Dorchester wasn’t doing well but never guessed that in just a mere two weeks after the RWA notice that they would be announcing they are changing business plans and firing editors! WOW! It happened just that fast. Maybe insiders at Dorchester knew it’d been coming to that for a while but to all of us it was quite the “Holy Shit” moment!

I wish all those authors who are contracted with Dorchester the best and I wish the company luck too!

As to other things, well one of our own SFCatty has accepted a contract for her novella Solo Honey Moon with Siren Publishing. I have so proud for her and of her. I’ve bought books from Siren and have never been disappointed so I know her writing will fit in there very well!

Secondly I am turning in my final edits to my second novella with The Wild Rose Press today and am expecting ym release date information and book cover any day now.

Thirdly our own Runere McLain has lots of ghost/paranormal news. I’ll let her explain the wonderful opportunity she has. But for now I will say I am very very proud to be among such talented ladies! And sweet!!

And for my day back let me share a picture that I look at while I’m writing my new inspirational cowboy story entitled Second Chance Cowboy.

 Oh and this is not writing news but as I write about cowboys, cowgirls, and all things dealing with the equine and cattle industry I figured I’d mention that legendary cutting horse Smart Little Lena died last Monday after suffering a stroke. He was put to sleep shortly after the stroke. Here is a wonderful video about his trainer and other horses from the Lena bloodline.


To whet your appetite:  soon we will  have an interview with the one and only Cynthia Eden, paranormal writer extraordinaire!   Can’t wait to  hear about her new release and her mass market re-release.   In the mean time, check out her website: –   she always has something interesting going on.  See ya soon with the interview.

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