Badurday- January 19, 2013- Tavares

I wrote a short story this week with the heroine age 46 and the hero age 55. I thought it was time for me to do that since that’s my demographic now. LOL! I plan to submit it this weekend. I think there’s at least one more story with these characters so I think I’m going to be visiting with them some more. I started this story back in December but concentrated on getting it finished this week. It was initially called, The Stranger. I since decided to rename it in honor of the Tavares song, It only Takes a Minute, Girl but to stop any confusion about whether the story is about a quickie or not, I’m extending the title of the story to include more of the song so the title is It Only Takes a Minute to Fall in Love.
Here’s the video of it from Youtube:

I also have a new release this week on Tuesday- it’s called Doctor, Lover, Baronet and is available on preorder here at this link. It’s at a 10% discount until the 29th of January.

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