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It’s release day for my alter-ego’s book, Kat’s Song.  BUY LINK


Kat McKay’s heart is locked tight against further entanglements. Determined not to give it again, she’s abandoned all hope of love and holds herself apart from men. The last one did a number on her and she’s never going there again.

Paul Baker, world-renowned musician, keeps his deepest secret close to his heart. He’s as determined as Kat McKay not to let his heart get stomped on. The difference is, his isn’t personal. It’s public.

Out of necessity, the two of them join together. One with a motive to protect and the other reluctant to be protected. Their competing desires threaten to derail them both. Resolution can only be made at great risk.

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Badurday- April 13, 2013- Grimm

I’m loving this show on network television. I started watching it as soon as it came on and even though sometimes the work on the creatures is a little hokey, the story lines are great and it’s a fun show to watch. Check it out if you get a chance. Here’s a little promo for it:

I have a new book out this week called Venetian Masks. It’s a romance that takes place in Venice, Italy and Bangkok, Thailand. Here’s the link and the trailer:

Badurday- November 10, 2012- New Release

Sorry I’m late. I didn’t have access to a computer to upload this video earlier. I have a story out with Sweet Cravings Publishing on Tuesday, November 13. It’s available for pre-order now here.

Here’s the book trailer for it. Doesn’t the guy on the cover kind of look like David Tennant, the tenth Doctor on Doctor Who? A tainted Keitre is like the yeti of the south.

Badurday Riding Double Edition

Welcome to Badurday- the Riding Double Edition.  Today’s guest is our own Sayde Grace.  Her first short novel came out yesterday from the Wild Rose Press.  This is the first of a three part series. How exciting for her to be able to tell three tales that will each be a stand alone romance but have some of the same characters.  We’ll be able to revisit old friends as we meet new ones in her three stories.   But lest we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about Riding Double

SFCATTY: Tell us how the title of your story came about:

 SAYDE GRACE: Well it wasn’t what I had in mind, that’s for sure. Yet it fits meeting all the things you need to know about the book. I had originally named this book Ride Em’ Cowgirl but there was already one Ride Em’ book published through the Wild Rose Press so my editor came up with Riding Double.

 SFCATTY:  I like both titles but the one that made it to the cover seems perfect for the story.

 What’s your heroine’s name and occupation?

 SAYDE GRACEWilliminaBillieAtwater is the heroine who owns a rodeo stock company. Billie opened Atwater Buck Out with her brother Jake and his best friend Bo Bennett.

 SFCATTY: Your story has two men: Tell us a little about each of them:

 SAYDE GRACE: The hero is bull rider and Billie’s ex-fiancé Bo Bennett. Bo has loved Billie his entire life but after he caused the accident which took her brother’s life, she can’t get past it but Bo can’t get over her. He’ll do anything to get her back even being in a ménage a trois.                                                                    

Chet Haskins, bull rider and traveling partner of Bo, is the first man since leaving Bo that Billie feels anything for. He’s hot, funny, and interested, very interested. His appearance not only reminds her of Bo but his charm brings back feelings of love that she’d buried or thought she had. But Chet isn’t Bo, yet he’s too charming to turn down.

 SFCATTY: Since my day here on the Sizzler Blog is all about bad boys, which of the men in your story is the most wicked and why?

 SAYDE GRACE: Chet Haskins is the bad boy of this book. He’s a rich senator’s son who enjoys bull riding and spending money on women and beer. Chet knows Bo and Billie are in love yet can’t be together so he’s willing to take one for the team to bring them closer. He’s hot and knows he’s hot using everything in his arsenal to get what he wants. Chet’s story is told in the third book of the Cowgirl Tough series where he hires Billie’s best friend to be his “love slave”.

This is Chet:   










SFCATTY: Wow – I think Chet fits into Badurday quite nicely.  Thanks for the yummy picture!

Tell us the date of your release and where we can buy it.

 SAYDE GRACE:   Riding Double is now for sale at The Wild Rose Press imprint The Wilder Rose Press. Or click any link on this page to take you right to it.  

SFCATTY: Tell us how we can win a copy of your book.  

SAYDE GRACE: I am going to give one digital copy of Riding Double to one of our lucky readers. So leave a comment and on my day Tuesday I’ll announce the winner! YAY, and thanks so much to all my sizzlers who support me and to my other many friends I’ve made! 

SFCATTY: Thanks for a great interview Sayde and we are looking forward to what’s next for you.

Coming Attractions

We are thrilled to announce an  upcoming guest blogger.   Cat Johnson will be here with us on the 25th of February to discuss her new release.    Sayde Grace recommended her to us because of the “cowboy connection,” so those of you who love cowboys, hang on to your spurs.  She’s coming soon  (get your minds out of the gutter!).

If you can’t wait, whet your appetite for some Western hunks at Cat’s website:

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