Banging my Head on the Desk

Soooooo, last time I posted I told everyone about my revising offer. Today I received an email from another editor who enjoyed my manuscript but thinks I can take a quarter of it away and sell the rest as a mainstream romance.

The editor expressed interest in both the first quarter of my book as a novella and the second part as a new story. I’m banging my head on the desk even now!

I have the revisions for the other press almost complete and now I have the book split into two versions to see how much work I’m looking at if I go the other way. Hmmmm, I admit, it’s a great dilemma to have. But I’m so undecided. And I think my friends are angry with me (Sfcatty, Bec, Cindy, hahaha) because I’m so laid back about it. I’m just not that excited.

Why do we do these things? I always tell authors who are newer than I am to take every compliment they get and be VERY happy because they’ll find out those compliments can get few and far in between. So when we get good news after a while of being in the publishing world are we just to jaded to see it as good news?

For Darlene :

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