Happy Wetsday to You, Happy Wetsday to You

Happy Wetsday, dear SFCatty/Jillian Chantal, Happy Wetsday to YOOOOOUUUU!!!!

I had already written one version of today’s post, in which I pointed out what an extremely fine year the year of my birth was — a real killer vintage, like 1989 for French Champagne or 1995 for California Reds (See, Ro’mama can be highbrow when it is called for!)

But in doing so, I realized that announcing the really awesome people who share that year with me would make it really easy to find out how old they are – you could google the celebs. And since a lady never tells (at least not her age), just trust me — 19XX was a very good year indeed. The hottest guys, the coolest women. That’s us.

And one of those vintage-year babies is my dear, dear friend, Ms. SFCatty, also known to her admiring public as Jillian Chantal, multi-published, best-selling author of romantic-adventure novels and bankruptcy textbooks. If that ain’t range, kids, I don’t know what is!

So while I have my gift for SFCa/JC all wrapped and ready to go, I’m giving her a special Wetsday gift you can all share. She has a well-known weakness for those tall, dark and drop-dead gorgeous Mediterranean men, so here is Spain’s favorite son, bull-fighter/model/all-around-hunkulous-maximus, Senor Cayetano Rivera Ordonez to warm up Ms. Chantal’s winter birthday:

(posting this a couple of hours before actual Wednesday so she gets it on her birthday. Also, apologies to Senor Rivera, and for that matter, all of Spain – I couldn’t figure out how to make the little doodad over the Ns. If Senor Rivera will give me a call, I’m sure I can think of some way to apologize for my error.)

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