Badurday- October 23, 2010- Ulrich Thomsen

I rewatched the movie, The International, mostly because I love me some scruffy Clive Owen or Clive Owen as an Interpol  Agent, or heck, Clive Owen as Clive Owen.  Since we’ve already had Clive as a Bad-urday Boy before, I chose the Danish bad guy of this film as this week’s bad boy.  His name is Ulrich Thomsen. He really does play a pretty bad dude in this movie. I love the scene with him and his son and I also love the last scene of the movie with him and Clive. Another thing I like about this movie is the fact that Clive’s character and Naomi Watt’s character are able to work the case together with absolutely zero sexual innuendo. This is rare these days and, sometimes, it’s refreshing.

Ulrich also played in the flick with Julia Roberts and Clive where Clive was an  MI5 agent. Ulrich had a minor part in it. Must be that they’re friends or maybe he’s just that good at being bad.   He was also a bad guy in the James Bond  movie, The World is Not Enough.

Ulrich Thomsen has been a star in Demark for a while.  I found some movies that sound pretty good with him in them; namely one called Festen.  May have to rent some foreign language films with the English subtitles. 

I DO like a man in a tux! Not so happy with Ulrich with the full beard- I like him with the scruffy look better, but I’m all about giving you guys some variety.

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