Writing is Fun Again

Yes, Lordy!
I woke up, as always at 2 am since I am a big old forty-something year old woman whose body has a conscientious objection to sleep, and in that hypnagogic state a line I just love came to me (No Herman’s Hermits this time): Martyn had held a number of women as they had done some of the most remarkable things, but never before had a young lady softly wept onto his shirtfront.
Yes, I know it has an adverb in it. It belongs there. Deal with it.
So I got up, wrote a couple hundred words on my WIP before my brain went back to sleep (just not my body, darn it!) and now I am back into writing instead of editing. I feel it coming. All of a sudden one guy I didn’t even give a name to has stepped up and whacked me on the head and said, “‘Struth, woman, do you not even realize that I am the villain?” So a bit of reworking of what I already have, but oh, it works!!!
When it is this much fun, it makes you forget all the stupid stuff about publishing and contests. Lordamercy, I just love writing down the stories!!!!!
And to inspire us all as we deal with agents, editors, contest judges, and the most uncaring, soul-rending critic of all — yourself — I offer words of wisdom from the late Saul Bellow:
There is only one way to defeat the enemy, and that is to write as well as one can. The best argument is an undeniably good book.

Editing Will Make You Crazy


Editing. It is what we must all agreed to be a necessary evil. I am deep in the midst of a massive edit of my Historical ms, and it makes me nuts.

See, I got some crits back from a contest that said I was using too many “ings” and “lys” (gerunds and adverbs, if you listen to sfcatty). So I went through and edited them all out. I was ruthless. Totally without any ruth when it came to ings and lys. So I sent my lovely (argh, adverb! strike that!) nice new edited ms to another contest, expecting it to score higher, now that it wasn’t getting dinged for having ings and lys.

But I scored LOWER. All that work, no more ings and lys, just to lower my grade? Whassupwiddat?  Didn’t anyone notice the stellar lack of ings and lys?

You know what? I don’t think so. I think sometimes you get a judge who has an ing/ly fetish. Sometimes you get a judge who has kittens if you change POV more than once in a chapter. Sometimes you get one (sorry, sfcatty) who doesn’t know basic vocab for the genre you wrote.  And sometimes you don’t. Luck of the draw.

And so now I am going back through, editing not for ings and lys, not for headhops, or anything like that, but for what I (that would be me, the author, remember me?) wants this book to say. And maybe no one will ever read it.

Or maybe it will get published one day. Even with an ing and a ly here and there.

But the important thing is the inspiration. Here is today’s:

Yummy Tudor Hotness

Yummy Tudor Hotness!

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