Badurday- August 18, 2012- Cary Grant in “Notorious”

I absolutely adore Cary Grant and today’s bad boy tribute is to him in the film Notorious. The reason I chose this movie first of all is that it’s one of my favorites of his but secondly, this story takes place right after World War II. I have a release in October, 2012 called The Gambler’s Brother. It takes place right after World War II as well. I got a sneak peek at the cover this week and it’s awesome. The O in the title word Brother is a swastika and it looks really cool. I can’t reveal yet, but I will soon. Very soon, I hope. This cover reminded me a bit of one of my favorite movies, so I thought I’d at least share that today.

Enjoy this tribute to the stars of Notorious. This was posted by elinskaja on Youtube in 2010.

Badurday- November 13, 2010- Dial M For Murder

Ray Milland was a handsome, suave, gentleman that started out playing leading men. He went bald early and since back then, there was some kind of unwritten rule that bald men were not leading men, he was shuffled off to supporting or character roles.  Tis a shame as he was quite the actor.  I love all Hitchcock movies. I think it’s awesome that Hitchcock himself was in each of his own movies in a cameo. What a neat idea. 

I watched Dial M for Murder again the other day and was reminded again how wonderfully, deceitfully, evil Milland’s character was in it.  He was still leading man material at the time by Hollywood’s standards. This was, of course, one of the ones that starred Grace Kelly.  If you haven’t seen it lately, check it out. It’s timeless.

And in other news: my book release was moved up from January 2011 to November 23, 2010- so, if you get bored on Thanksgiving weekend, or the kin folk are driving you over the bend, order a copy from Siren Book Strand and escape to Italy with Emma on a Solo Honeymoon.

EDITED TO ADD:  I’m guest blogging on Desert Breeze Publishing’s blog today about Veteran’s Day. Join me to learn a little about the history of the holiday.

Bad-urday HALLOWEEN Edition

One of my friends (and her initials are RomanceMama) calls me her pagan friend as I adore Halloween and all the fun it brings.  I’m not into gore but I love suspense and Hitchcock-style movies.  I love the opportunity to be someone else for a night (and even, dare I say it, act silly!)   Anyway, all this to lead up to a handsome man that was taken from us all too soon.  This guy burst on the scene in The Patriot and was just adorable.  cute, cute.   He went on to play lots of great roles.  Loved him in Four Feathers, A Knight’s Tale, Casanova, and I could go on and on- he never really did any movie I didn’t enjoy.   So, in honor of Halloween (because this was an awesome costume), I give you the incomparable  HEATH LEDGER:  heath

There is also a wet picture of Heath because there was no Wets-day celebration this week.  It seems I have been dubbed the blog police and “someone” thought they were in trouble with me for failing to post a wet man.  Now, am I that much of an ogre??  I hope not.  Anyway, here’s a wet Heath:

heath_ledger_02 and just because he is so adorable in this shot, one more:

heath_ledger_01  Heath: you are missed.  What a smile the world lost in your passing.

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