Special Friday Hot-Guy-Day Edition

For one reason and another, all of them very valid, I have not posted my Wetsday boys for a couple of weeks now. And I know how you people are — you are all about the hot boys!

So this week RomanceMama starts to make up for lost time by giving you an assortment of gentlemen who have movies — either new, or golden oldies — that you should look for. Without further ado, here is item one on the Ro’Mama “Must See Movie” list for late January. The weather may be setting records for cold, but you watch my boys in these movies and you will be beyond warm!

For our first film you need to watch, I have discovered a rather old movie via Netflix. If you you, like me, simply swoon for a British Boy in a Red Coat, you need to check out The Four Feathers — the late great Heath Ledger, plus my darling Rupert Penry Jones (from the BBC Persuasion as well as MI-5). One of the other boys in the film is Wes Bentley, who despite being American is beyond gorgeous. Also, you get to see one of my Welshmen, Michael Sheen, who played PM Tony Blair in numerous movies, as well as being totally creepy as the Volturri, Aro, in Twilight: New Moon They play four friends who serve in the British Army in the 19th Century (oooh, those uniforms!!!)

Because of some lack of marketing savvy by someone, there are no pictures of the group of guys together — obviously, men were in charge of the publicity department, and that is why you may not have heard of this testosterone-fest. So here are some pix of the stars of The Four Feathers gleaned from other sources:

So take it from an expert on men in cravats — The Four Feathers gets my vote for Best Men in Period Costume. You’ll love it.

Bad-urday HALLOWEEN Edition

One of my friends (and her initials are RomanceMama) calls me her pagan friend as I adore Halloween and all the fun it brings.  I’m not into gore but I love suspense and Hitchcock-style movies.  I love the opportunity to be someone else for a night (and even, dare I say it, act silly!)   Anyway, all this to lead up to a handsome man that was taken from us all too soon.  This guy burst on the scene in The Patriot and was just adorable.  cute, cute.   He went on to play lots of great roles.  Loved him in Four Feathers, A Knight’s Tale, Casanova, and I could go on and on- he never really did any movie I didn’t enjoy.   So, in honor of Halloween (because this was an awesome costume), I give you the incomparable  HEATH LEDGER:  heath

There is also a wet picture of Heath because there was no Wets-day celebration this week.  It seems I have been dubbed the blog police and “someone” thought they were in trouble with me for failing to post a wet man.  Now, am I that much of an ogre??  I hope not.  Anyway, here’s a wet Heath:

heath_ledger_02 and just because he is so adorable in this shot, one more:

heath_ledger_01  Heath: you are missed.  What a smile the world lost in your passing.

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