Hot Steaming Wetsday!

Good Morning, my darlings! Hope we are all having a good day so far. Of course, here on the Emerald Coast, the temperature at 8 am is in the upper eighties (heading for a high in the triple digits), the humidity is about 90%, and my makeup is melting into a puddle on my neck. Situation normal for July.

Since the operative word today is HOT, I wanted to pick a guest who could live up to that standard. And since the big news around my house this week was the final Harry Potter movie, I decided to combine those concepts and post one of the Southern Sizzle’s all time favorite men.

We fell in love with him as a bad guy — didn’t you really think Hans was a lot sexier than John McClane in DIE HARD? And who can forget the lusciously evil Sheriff in ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES? “You. My room. 10:30 tonight. You. 10:45… And bring a friend.” Poor Kevin Costner got lost in the glow of our guest’s brilliance.

But he’s not just a bad boy. His Colonel Brandon was a highlight of Ang Lee’s SENSE AND SENSIBILITY — I’d go wander off in a rain storm if I thought he’d show up to carry me home!

But the crowning achievement of his career IMHO, was as the good/bad/who knows guy in Harry Potter. He was so deliciously evil as Professor Snape, but you always had the feeling that he wasn’t really on Voldemort’s side. Very complex character. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen the movie yet (Although why haven’t you?!?!?!?) but he takes the character through an incredible character arc in DEATHLY HALLOWS 2. Even if you aren’t a HP fan (Although why aren’t you?!?!?!?) you need to see it just to see how real acting should be done.

As y’all know, Jillian Chantal has long had a tendre for our guest, and so, in honor of Jillian, Harry Potter, and the hot, hot weather, here’s the one, the only, man with the chocolate voice: ALAN RICKMAN!!!







Wetsday Paranormal Smackdown

In honor of the upcoming premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, the DDs and I have been re-watching the entire series. Now, they are truly great movies, and if you haven’t started at the beginning and watched all of them, I strongly urge you to do so,

But in watching HP4: The Goblet of Fire, I realized something very important: Rob Pattinson was much hotter as a living wizard than as a vampire. Check out this picture of R-Pattz as Cedrick Diggory, the Great Hufflepuff Hope.


And thinking about R-Pattz got me into a conversation about the Twilight Series with some of my peeps Saturday, as we were driving home from the Gulf Coast RWA meeting. Now, let me preface this by saying that I, unlike many of you, really like the Stephenie Meyer books. Yes, her prose is a bright shade of purple, and she never met an adverb she didn’t like. But the people who sneer at her writing (I’m looking at you, Stephen King!) have to admit that she created characters who hit a serious nerve in the (mostly female) reading population. God knows, I’d give my eyeteeth to create a character people care about the way they love Edward and Bella.

But I have a fundamental problem with Twilight, one that didn’t really become clear until the fourth book. So if you are one of the ten or twelve people I know who haven’t read the books, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

See, vampires, whether they sparkle or not, whether they drink animal or human blood, even if they have artfully tousled hair and a cool car, are dead. D-E-A-D. As in, not alive. At the end of the day, what you have in Twilight is a bunch of dead teenagers. Not exactly romantic, when you think about it.

And if Bella decides to go for a living guy instead, what’s her option? Well, the leading contender is a werewolf. Yes, a guy who unexpectedly gets all furry and feral. And you thought your prom date had issues!

So, in my humble opinion, the whole Twilight series comes down to this elevator pitch: A teenage girl faces the eternal dilemma — necrophilia or bestiality?

Seriously, can’t you just imagine the response that kind of pitch would get?

Now, I will tell you that, when I read the books, I was Team Edward all the way. Remember that Ms. Meyer used a picture of dear Henry Cavill (of The Tudors) as her inspiration for him, so what’s not to like? But in the movies, as striking as R-Pattz is, I think he was totally Eclipsed (pardon the pun) by Taylor Lautner as Jacob.

So here, today on the Sizzle, we have your chance to weigh in on the controversy.



What’s your choice?
Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner?
And why?

Badurday- July 9, 2011- Tom Felton

Today in honor of the upcoming last Harry Potter film, I’m posting these photos of Tom Felton, a/k/a Draco Malfoy. He was such a snot nosed little kid in the first movie but he’s grown up to be quite the  handsome fellow. I love that his character’s name, like most of the ones from the books, came from ancient history, Greek and Latin roots.  Draco was an Athenian law maker and his laws provided for severe punishments for minor offenses.  He lived in ancient Greece in the 600s BC.  Malfoy comes from the Latin word for malevolent or malicious. I have great admiration for JK Rowling and her sublime use of language skills in naming her characters.

Lucky for us, the guy that plays Draco is really nothing like his character. He seems to be quite a pleasant young man in the interviews I’ve seen him in.

Just as an aside, my newest book comes out on Friday, July 15 from  and I wanted to share the cover here, too.   

So, enjoy Draco, enjoy the end of the Harry Potter saga and enjoy your week.

Wetsday: All Grown Up

Today’s guest is a surprising choice in some ways. The first time I saw this gentleman, I wanted to adopt him. Of course, he was only eleven. But he was just such a cute little guy in his movies, and so charming when I saw him in real-life settings like interviews and so forth. As he got older, he started being more of a Tiger Beat poster boy, and his picture was up on the wall in my daughters’ rooms from time to time.
But if y’all haven’t noticed, that cute little Harry Potter has grown up into quite an attractive young man. He appeared in the very adult-content play Equus on Broadway, and got quite a bit of publicity for being, shall we say, “well-equipped” for the role.
Now, this is a family-friendly blog, so I am keeping the content PG, but for those of you with naughty minds (you know who you are), just go to google images and enter “Daniel Radcliffe Equus” and see what you find! I was working on this post at a coffee shop and I got scared someone would call the cops on me!
I just saw the first trailer for the seventh Harry Potter movie, and I am just as excited as I can be that it will be out soon – though I don’t want to think about the fact that the series will be ending. But to celebrate Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, here’s our boy Dan!


This week’s bad boy is non other than Jason Isaacs!   Who could forget him as Col. Tavington in “The Patriot?”   He was sooo bad, but dang, he looked good in those breeches and boots.  He was so evil, especially when he said, “Burn the Church”  –

Those blue eyes of his are amazing, too. jason 1

   He was wonderful as the super bad Lucius Malfoy-  now, I took Latin and I know Lucius comes from the Latin word “Lucifer” meaning Day Star as in “the one who fell from heaven” and Malfoy comes from the Latin for bad- or Mala.   BUT, I think he should be LUSCIOUS Malfoy because  he is Luscious in that white wig with  those blue eyes.jason

And who could forget him in 2003 Peter Pan playing Captain Hook?


And one more just because:  jason_isaacs_01

That’s it for this edition of Bad-urday.   Hope you enjoyed it.

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