Badurday- April 20, 2012- Harrison Ford

I got a review this week on one of my books that came out about six months ago and it was a superb 4 star review. I was excited to see it and the reviewer totally “got” my characters. The hero in the story The Gambler’s Brother was inspired by Harrison Ford in two movies of his that I love, Hanover Street and Force Ten From Navarone. In both those movies and especially Hanover Street, he plays a cocky, straight-shooting military officer in WWII. My Beaumont McSwain in my story was also a cocky American pilot until a mission went awry. The novel is partially his journey back to being whole and accepting what has happened to him. Here’s the ad for Hanover Street from when it was in theatres.

Here’s the link to the review of The Gambler’s Brother review.

Snapdragon was the reviewer and I think some of my favorite parts of her review were as follows:

“Wrought with very human emotion, The Gambler’s Brother will not fail to move you.

We find ourselves aboard the Queen Mary, here at the end of the war (1946). Bo Mcswain is endearing from the get go, and we readers are just like all those war brides he mentions, lured in with the promise of this novel, if not actual chocolate bars and nylon hose.”

The Gambler’s Brother is set during a specific, and relatively little-known period of time, (and little known event) following the war. The storyline is very fresh. Fans of WWII-era fiction will certainly enjoy.”

Badurday- October 27, 2012- Harrison Ford

I love this movie called Hanover Street. It’s set in WWII and is such a beautiful story. I also love a movie called Force Ten From Navarone. Both star Harrison Ford as a military officer. His RAF role in Hanover Street inspired the hero’s job in my story, The Gambler’s Brother. My book came out this week and is available to order here. Here are the trailers for the movies and for my book as well. Enjoy your Saturday- Watch a war flick or read a book.

Badurday- September 24, 2011- Montage of Thirteen

I’m still brain dead from the work week and the writing sprints I’ve been doing each night (added 12,000 + words to the WIP this week), so I decided to just do a montage of some of the pictures I use for inspiration for the heroes in my books who all have an element of badness that needs a heroine to tame.  Here’s lucky number 13- 13 photos, that is.

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Badurday- August 20, 2011- Daniel Craig

Okay, I confess, I went to see Cowboys and Aliens. Yeah, yeah, I know- hard to believe of me, but there it is. I did it. Mostly because of Harrison Ford who I adore and Daniel Craig who can also be quite the hot guy. It could have been such a fun movie, but the pacing was off. It was waaaay to slow moving to be a romp. The aliens looked like your every day garden variety aliens. The plot was kind of silly, but as my son said., ‘C’mon, mom. what did you expect with the word alien in the title.”  We also felt like we’d been duped into watching Transformers. So, all in all, not so hot.  My friend, Micki, asked me if it was worth it just for the eye candy and I couldn’t even answer her. Finally, I said, “That would be a no.”  Check out this one pic of Daniel I have here- the front view in the cowboy hat- does he look to you like he has cleavage? He does to me.  Now, the rear view, yeah, I’ll take that.  LOL

He looks good in some of his other movies like the James Bond ones, La4er Cake, and one called Flashbacks of a Fool.  Enjoy!

Bad-urday that’s really BAD

Got up thie morning and my laptop has locked me out.  Trying to trouble shoot it now.  I emailed myself the entire manuscript on the 4th but not in the last 2 days.  I know, dumb .  Wrote 3110 last night and they are locked up!  No time to go to the computer repair man today.  PRAY I can get this back.  One non-supportive friend has already blown  me off but that’s typical.  I have to l isten to her woes but she thinks mine are trivial. 

Anyway, here’s the man of the day.  Harrison Ford.  He was great as the hot rodder in American Graffiti – mean at first but taking pity on MacKenzie Phillips in the end.  Who can forget his response to Leia in the second Star Wars when she said she loved him and he said, “I know.”     Even in his later years, think Six Days, Seven Nights, he was crotchety and mean and then turned into the good guy!  He was perfect as Jack Ryan, too.   AND Indiana Jones.   And Who can forget the line “Get off my plane?”  I could go on and on but I have a computer to wrestle.  Anyway, enjoy. 


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