The Antikythera Ephebe


The Antikythera Ephebe is a bronze statue of a young man discovered in a 1st century BC shipwreck in 1900 by sponge-divers off Antikythera, Greece.  If Antikythera sounds familiar, it is associated with the Antikythera Mechanism (an astronomical calculating device) which was also in the same wreck.

During Restoration

The bigger-than-life-size (over six feet) statue was badly damaged (as in multiple small fragments) when it was salvaged.  A recent restoration corrected some of the errors made in the first restoration in the 1950s.  The statue was likely produced in Peloponnesa (the south of Greece) in the 4th century BC.  The statue is posed holding something in his right hand.  Since there is no context, archaeologists can’t determine its identity.  Possibilities include Paris presenting the apple to Aphrodite after the Judgment of Paris, Hercules holding the apple of Hesperides, or Perseus holding the Gorgon’s Head.  The statue is displayed at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Next week, more on the Antikythera Mechanism.    Rita Bay

Badurday- July 9, 2011- Tom Felton

Today in honor of the upcoming last Harry Potter film, I’m posting these photos of Tom Felton, a/k/a Draco Malfoy. He was such a snot nosed little kid in the first movie but he’s grown up to be quite the  handsome fellow. I love that his character’s name, like most of the ones from the books, came from ancient history, Greek and Latin roots.  Draco was an Athenian law maker and his laws provided for severe punishments for minor offenses.  He lived in ancient Greece in the 600s BC.  Malfoy comes from the Latin word for malevolent or malicious. I have great admiration for JK Rowling and her sublime use of language skills in naming her characters.

Lucky for us, the guy that plays Draco is really nothing like his character. He seems to be quite a pleasant young man in the interviews I’ve seen him in.

Just as an aside, my newest book comes out on Friday, July 15 from  and I wanted to share the cover here, too.   

So, enjoy Draco, enjoy the end of the Harry Potter saga and enjoy your week.

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