Badurday- February 19- Lorenzo Lamas

So, this week, I was thinking, hmmm, it’s Valentine’s Day week. What can I do for Badurday.  It came to me- Lorenzo Lamas would be a perfect choice. He was in a movie called Killing Cupid.  Perfect.  The female lead in that movie was named Valentine. Also perfect. Lorenzo also fits our bad boy criteria as he was wickedly sexy and such a bad boy in Falcon Crest. I loved the wine country setting of that show but I also adored the men on it as well. YUM!  Lorenzo was unreal as the rich, spoiled guy. He nailed that role!!  Enjoy these pictures of him through the ages.  He’s one of those men that look better as they age. Still swoon-worthy.

AND just in case anyone’s interested, I have a book out on Feb 22 and Sayde has one out on Feb 23.

Here’s the  pre-order link for mine:

I’m also going to give away a pdf copy of SURFER BRIDE to a commenter here today. Leave me a comment about Badurday and your favorite Lorenzo Lamas movie or television show. I’ll leave this open until Sunday night.  Sayde and I are also on Falyn’s blog today with a scene we wrote with our characters from our new releases meeting on the beach- it was fun. We also have a giveaway over there. Check it out:

Badurday- Close to Full Moon Edition

Today’s moon is a waxing gibbous, at 91% of full.  In honor of that, I have chosen a werewolf as the bad boy of the day.   When I was in elemetary school in the great state of Virginia, my sister and I would RUN everyday off the bus to our house to get there in time to watch what we thought was the most brilliant show on television.  When I grew up, this show came out on DVD and I asked for it for Christmas that year.  AND  It is so cheesy that I get lactose intolerant watching it.  So funny how things change, huh?  

Anyway, the sister love Barnabas, the vampire.  But for moi, there was no other man than Quentin Collins (sigh).  He was so rugged and handsome.  AND I wanted to be Daphne (Kate Jackson).  This show Dark Shadows was an integral part of my upbringing and made me love the Gothic genre. 

Our bad boy also played on Falcon Crest as Richard Channing.  He was evil to start with but mellowed as the show went on. 

Anyone ever watch him in Flamingo Road?  He was pretty bad there, too.

So without further ado, here is David Selby A/K/A Quentin Collins.

Quentin and Dapne

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