Southern Sizzlers interview Cynthia Eden

We, at the Southern Sizzler Romance blog, have the privilege and honor of interviewing one of our dearly loved chapter members. The Inimitable Cynthia Eden. We are so thrilled to call her friend and mentor.  For those of you who have never met her in person, I have to tell you, you are missing out on one cool chica. 

Cynthia is generous with her time and talent and we are all thrilled to have her as our guest here.  We hope you enjoy her interview. 

SFCatty: Welcome to our little blog, Ms Eden. What an exciting time for you. You have Hotter After Midnight being re-released as a mass market paperback and you just had a new release on December 29, 2009 called Eternal Hunter.

CYNTHIA:  Thanks so much for inviting me over!!! It’s a pleasure to be at Southern Sizzlers (and I do so love that name.)
SFCatty:  First, tell us about the mass market release. What does that mean to you?

CYNTHIA:  It means excitement.  Every time a book is released, I get a giddy burst of excitement. Just can’t help it.  HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT was my first NY released book, so it’s very special to me.  And since it is being re-released now, well, that hopefully means more readers will have the chance to learn about my monster doctor and her wolf shifter cop. 

SFCatty:  It IS a great book.  Love the characters.   Any thoughts or inklings of the others in the Midnight Trilogy series being released as mass market?

CYNTHIA:  I haven’t heard any details about the other books yet. If I do, I will definitely let you know.  I *do* know that BELONG TO THE NIGHT, the paranormal romance anthology that included my story, “In the Dark,” will be re-released in mass market form next September. 

SFCatty:  That’s exciting and we’ll be looking forward to that this fall. 

SFCatty:  You also had a new book out on December 29, 2009, Eternal Hunter. This is the first in the Night Watch series. Tell us about that series.

CYNTHIA:  I love this series—and I am having such fun writing about these characters! The idea for the Night Watch series was pretty simple. Actually, the series developed from this one sentence: Sometimes, it can take a monster to catch a killer. And, yep, from that, the entire series was born.  I created a group of paranormal bounty hunters and their job is to hunt down criminals—both human and supernatural killers.

SFCatty: Is this a new direction for you?

CYNTHIA:  I like to think this is just continued exploration into the paranormal world that was created with the Midnight books. Many of the same supernatural beings appear and they follow the same “world” rules that were created in the Midnight books.   However, the beings are seen from a different perspective.  Good guys aren’t always obvious—neither are the bad guys. 

SFCatty:  Sounds intriguing.  Mysterious, even.  How many books will be in this series? I see on your website that there are two for release in 2010. Will we see more in 2011?

CYNTHIA:  I’ve written three books so far, and I plan to start on a fourth within the next few weeks.  The books will be released in 2010 and 2011. I may actually wind up with three released in 2010 (ETERNAL HUNTER is just released, I’LL BE SLAYING YOU will be out in July, and the third book—tentatively titled ETERNAL FLAME—may be out in December of 2010).

SFCatty:  Maybe in time for next year Christmas shopping.   YEAH!

SFCatty:  Tell us three intriguing facts about the hero in Eternal Hunter.

CYNTHIA:  Fact one: I liked his character so much that while I was writing the book, I actually kept pulling the hero into real-life conversations that I was having.  Seriously, I would say things like, “Well, if Jude were here, he’d say that was bullshit.”  Um, my husband had to remind me that Jude was *not* in fact, present. 

Fact two: He’s one of the most powerful supernatural heroes I’ve created—and also one with the potential to be the most vicious.  Hmmm…does that count as facts two and three? Oh, well, let’s throw in another one anyway…

Fact three:  He’s not just a fighter; the man is one serious lover, too!

SFCatty:  Ooh, la la.  We like serious lovers on this blog.   And what about three facts on the heroine?

CYNTHIA:   Have to be careful with her…don’t want to give away any spoilers but…

Fact one: Erin Jerome is intimately acquainted with Death. 

Fact two: When she wants to do so, Erin Jerome can  kick some serious ass.

Fact three:  Her character was semi-inspired by the show Law & Order. Yes, I am a Law & Order addict. 

SFCatty:  With all the Law and Order franchises, there should be something there for all those fans to love, too.   I can’t wait to check it out.

SFCatty:  Are there any new anthologies on the horizon with your work in them?

CYNTHIA:  Thanks for asking! Yes, I will be in a new anthology. This will be my first non-paranormal anthology for Kensington Brava. In October of 2010, my story, “All I Want for Christmas” will be released in the anthology titled, “The Naughty List.”  I wrote this one in November, so it sure helped to put me in the holiday mood!

SFCatty:  Any thoughts you want to share with your fans?

CYNTHIA:  I’d just like to say thank you. Thank you to the readers who’d picked up my books, to the wonderful folks who have emailed me about my stories.  Thank you!

SFCatty:  What’s next for Cynthia?

CYNTHIA:  2010 looks like it will be a busy release year for me (which is good—I like busy!).  I’m excited about the launch of my romantic suspense series in August of 2010 with the release of DEADLY FEAR (from Grand Central Publishing). The Deadly books will be dark, sexy, and I sure hope readers enjoy them. 

SFCatty:  So, we will get our “Cynthia” fix in 2010 for sure. No matter our preference-  Paranormal, suspense, or Christmas fare.  How awesome for you and for us, your readers.  Congratulations on what sounds like a great year ahead.

CYNTHIA:  Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me. I had a great time answering the questions!

SFCatty:  Thanks for agreeing to the interview.  I know you are under a deadline and you are too kind to take the time to chat with me and your readers.

We hope you all enjoyed the interview with Cynthia.  Check out her books.  They are wonderful reads.   I’ll be back on Saturday with a new bad boy for the weekend.  I think you’ll like him.  He has some paranormal qualities.  He can’t die.   Intrigued??  Tune in on Saturday.

EDITED TO ADD:  If you want to meet Cynthia and a plethora of other writers join us at the beach  for the Silken Sands Writer’s conference in March.        I have it on good authority that autographed books will  be available!  

Also Romancemama will post your WETSDAY fix later in the week so this interview can stay up.

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