Badurday- October 29, 2011- Christopher Eccleston

I wracked my brain for a choice for Halloween weekend and came up with Christopher Eccleston.  He’s a super actor. He played the 9th Doctor on the  Doctor Who series. My spouse has watched this show since the 1970s and was thrilled when it came back after a hiatus. Christopher was only the Doctor for one season, but he did a great job with it. Who is badder than Doctor Who, really? I mean, he’s the time lord, right? but, the reason I’ve chosen Christopher for the Bad Boy of the week is the movie The Others. This show came out in 2001 and I loved it. It was an awesome, suspenseful movie. The kind I adore. Where the suspense is the thing. No gore, just tense scenes that make me want to know what’s up. This movie delivers that in spades.

Christopher plays Nicole Kidman’s character’s husband who fought in World War II. She’s living in a mansion on the island of Jersey with her two children who are photosensitive and can’t be in the light.  I love, love this movie. Very atmospheric and quite a treat to watch for Halloween. Rent it. You won’t regret it. 

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Badurday- November 6- Peter O’Brien

This is post #400 on this blog- how cool is that?

I have chosen an Aussie today as the Bad Boy of the week. I must confess that I’m not very familiar with this bloke, but I like what I’ve seen of him.  Don’t know how many of you watch Doctor Who, a BBC show, but our bad boy of the week played one of the last villains the most recent Doctor played by David Tennant had to fight. I also watched this bad boy in a film this week where he starred with Sarah Michelle Gellar. It was a really cool show with a unique premise. It’s called The Return. It was from 2006.  I recommend it.

Our bad boy also played in X-Men origins – Wolverine. He also played in a show called The Bill– another British show.  It was a police procedural show and he was a Deputy Inspector.  He’s pretty versatile. Check him out. I also included a picture of him with Sarah Michelle Gellar for the men that read this blog.

Tomorrow, November 7, I will be featured as a new author on the Desert Breeze Publishing blog. I hope you’ll come by and keep me company and leave a comment. I’ll be talking a little about my release for July next year called Redemption for the Devil, which was my NaNoWriMo novel last year.

And on November tenth, I’ll  be on Writer’s Who Kill blog talking about my SirenBookStrand release in January called Solo Honeymoon. I’ll be giving away a shoe charm in homage to my shoe designer hero, Dario Deluca.  Come by and leave me a comment for a chance to win.

In the meantime, enjoy Peter.

Bad-urday Jan 9, 2009

As promised in Cynthia Eden’s interview, I have a Bad boy for you that can’t die.   Anyone here ever watch Doctor Who?  Well, our bad boy this week started on Doctor Who as Captain Jack, a time traveler that can’t die.  He was so good at being bad, he got his own spinoff show called Torchwood which is an anagram of Doctor Who  (how cool).  Awesome show.  And this guy has some amazing blue eyes.  Check out the cleft chin.   He is so good looking, it oughta be a crime.  Anyway, if you get a chance, rent Torchwood.  I guarantee you’ll love it.   Here for your enjoyment is John Barrowman: Gotta love the kilt!

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