Moonday’s Paranormal Hunk: A Charming Demon

Demons are part of the religions, folklore and literature of many cultures. Going back to worldviews, demons often a part of  a culture’s concept of evil. While in the original Greek daimon referred to a supernatural being, in most cultures they were considered malevolent. Demons were sometimes viewed as fallen angels who resided in hell with the devil, doing his bidding.

Some conjurers/magicians attempted to control or capture demons through magic and incantations (as in pentagrams) , which allowed the conjurer to control the demon’s power. Of course, the demon would constantly be striving to gain its freedom–and a freed demon is a pissed demon looking for revenge. Another story associated with demons is possession. Many cultures have stories of demons who possessed individuals and had them do their evil bidding. Stories vary but a demon could be exorcised by rituals which would cast out the demon and restore the individual or at least free him/her from those evil compulsions.

A recent obsession with the paranormal in popular culture has led to a proliferation of paranormal stories. Demons are often portrayed in the media, sometimes as sympathetic. The long-lived TV program Charmed featured Cole Turner as the demon Balthazar who fought to control his demonic nature and gain the love of his witch wife. Ultimately, of course, the battle resulted in his destruction but only after some great episodes filled with conflict and romance. Check out my favorite demon, Australian model-turned-actor Julian McMahon as Cole Turner and Balthazar.

Happy Halloween.  Next week, back to our historical hunks.  BTW, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow.  This will be my third year in NaNoWri Mo.  I’m signed in as Rita Bay and would love to have buddies to share the angst of birthing a book. “Finding Eve” is the second novella in my  feline shapeshifter series, Lyons’ Tales. Into the Lyon’s Den will be published by Champagne next summer.  Rita Bay

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