Badurday – October 6, 2012- James Bond

Who is the quintessential bad boy????????? Bond, James Bond, of course.

The new song is out for Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is doing a great job as Bond and I love this song by Adele. It’s reminscent of some earlier bond songs and it really carries the feel of the movies to me. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Badurday- August 20, 2011- Daniel Craig

Okay, I confess, I went to see Cowboys and Aliens. Yeah, yeah, I know- hard to believe of me, but there it is. I did it. Mostly because of Harrison Ford who I adore and Daniel Craig who can also be quite the hot guy. It could have been such a fun movie, but the pacing was off. It was waaaay to slow moving to be a romp. The aliens looked like your every day garden variety aliens. The plot was kind of silly, but as my son said., ‘C’mon, mom. what did you expect with the word alien in the title.”  We also felt like we’d been duped into watching Transformers. So, all in all, not so hot.  My friend, Micki, asked me if it was worth it just for the eye candy and I couldn’t even answer her. Finally, I said, “That would be a no.”  Check out this one pic of Daniel I have here- the front view in the cowboy hat- does he look to you like he has cleavage? He does to me.  Now, the rear view, yeah, I’ll take that.  LOL

He looks good in some of his other movies like the James Bond ones, La4er Cake, and one called Flashbacks of a Fool.  Enjoy!

Special Make-up Wetsday on Sunday

Since we have been doing our countdown to the Silken Sands Conference (you are planning to be there, right?), I have held off on the Wetsday posts. I don’t want to have my ramblings interfere with the very important and useful advice we are getting from the agents and writers who will be at the Conference on the Beach!

But my public has spoken. I am told that there is an audience for Wet Men, and that their absence has been noted with concern. So here, in honor of his March 2 birthday, is one of my favorite British boys – the amusing, enchanting — oh heck, just plain hot Daniel Craig.

Now, for those of you who are naughty enough to be wondering, yes, I did consider having our birthday boy in his birthday suit. This is, however, a family-friendly blog. (Although of course my family does not visit the blog. The DDs are beyond embarrassed that their mom [a] writes romance [b] and her books have people doing it and [c] at her age she even remembers what doing it is.)

But if anybody feels the need to see the lovely Mr. Craig in the altogether, his picture is out there for the googling. Or for the ogling. Whatever. If you can’t find it, let me know, cause IMHO it is kind of like the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains — one of those wonders of nature you shoudl see at least once.

(and ignore SFCatty if she disses Mr. Craig’s naughty picture — it is a shadow, I tell you, a shadow. Never impugn Bond, James Bond’s endowments in such a manner!!!!)

BAD-URDAY, The Bond Addition

In honor of all the television stations that run a skeleton crew on holidays and run endless Bond marathons so their staffs can have the day off, here are the ubiquitious bad boys of film:  The Bonds.   Now, I know you all think George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton don’t really belong here as Lazenby was only in one and Dalton is better suited to play a villian (Think The Rocketeer and that Simon Pegg  movie that’s a spoof of cop stories- can’t think of the name), but, I have to include them as they are part of the legend.   Pierce Brosnan was too pretty but he has been looking more rugged in the last few years.   My personal favs are Sean Connery and Roger Moore.   Even my older son says that Sean, and I quote, “Is a beautiful man.”    Anyway, enjoy our own holiday Bond marathon today.   

 Who’s your favorite Bond between the sheets?

Happy WetsDay!!!!!

Well, welcome to WetsDay, your winsome window to the wide wonderful world of wet — NOT women, though I guess it seemed like that was where I was going, huh? Oh, you know the Sizzlers better than that!!!!

One thing about southern girls, we love our men. We love the real ones, who happen to be snoring in the next room, oblivious to the heaving bosoms in our latest WIP, and we love the fantasy ones, whether in our own books or the stories of our favorite authors.

But there is another dimension, a dimension of men who are the stuff of fantasy, while we know that they are, in fact, alive and very much in the flesh.  These are the celebrities. Strange creatures from another world, sent here to remind us that, yes, pectorals really can look like that,  and not just on the cover of a historical from Avon.

I digress.  The point is, there are some celebrities that get us extremely hot, and when you are hot, what is the solution???? You put out the fire!!!! That takes water. Lots of water. You pour it on the heat, roll around in it. Wet, slippery bodies moving against each other, finding each other, need meeting  need . . .

And damn it, then you are hot again!  What’s a girl to do?

Enough. The pressure was intense for the inaugural WetsDay. Early leader Colin Firth was expected to make a good showing based on his white shirt performance in Pride and Prejudice, though he had surprising a late entry when he fought Hugh Grant in the rain for dear Bridget Jones. The Rock is always something when he is sweaty. Sean Bean lying in a river. Daniel Radcliffe (jailbait!) looking forlorn in the rain. Lance Armstrong naked cycling in a downpour. Naveen Andrews dripping sweat on the island in Lost.

Girls, I tell you, I suffered through this, making sure I brought you only the finest WetsDay offering.  I had to look at these pictures over and over again. Why, sfcatty and I had to use a magnifying glass to settle an argument over Daniel Craig (and don’t listen to her,  it is a shadow!!!!)

But in the interest of womanhood everywhere, I present to you . . .

Mr. Christian Bale:



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