This week we celebrate Congress passing the Judiciary Act of 1789 which established the Supreme Court of United States. President George Washington signed the bill into law and nominated John Jay as the Chief Justice. The whole process-passing the bill, signing the bill into law, and the nomination and approval of the justices—took two days.

This Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History is John Jay (1745 -1829).  From a wealthy New York family with Huguenot and Dutch roots, Jay was a conservative lawyer who supported a strong centralized federal government. Jay with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote the Federalist Papers that helped frame the Constitution. He was an ardent supporter of the anti-slavery movement.

Jay was an American patriot, Founding Father, legislator, and diplomat. He served as a member and President of the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War, ambassador to Spain and France, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Governor of New York.

Rita Bay


Today’s the last day of my  ‘Name that Character Contest’ for my contemporary fantasy short story Nimue’s Daughter. It’s a rescue from Armageddon based on the Arthurian mythology. It’s also a work in progress for Shared Whispers, the freebie anthology from Champagne authors that will be published and available for free download in January. Please visit and help me name my character. For more info click on the image below:

Wetsday with Prizes!

Well, happy Wetsday, one and all! I have been making fabulous progress on the WIP this week. Best thing that ever happened to be was the computer glitch I cried bitter tears over this weekend. When the computer ate my MS, I had no other choice. I started the WIP over, and this time I am much more clear on who the people are and what they are up to. It’s all good.

So the theme for the week is “making a fresh start.” As my devoted fans know, I bring you pictures of a wet, delectable male every Wednesday — or as we call it in Sizzleville, “Wetsday.” As a writer, I pick the guys who have inspired my heroes — and a few villians! And while I have been having lots of fun picking out the wet boys for you every week, I recognize that I have a severe fixation for British actors and the LOST boys. I want to open it up for more diversity. So here’s the deal.

I want you to tell me who you want to see hot and wet. Who is the inspiration for your fantasies? Being the internet diva that I am, I’ll get the pictures, if you will give me the gentlemen to look for. And to make sure you send your suggestions, I am awarding prizes.

So give me a suggestion of who you would like to see as the Sizzler Wetsday man of the week. The criteria for the contest are:
1) Sheer unadulterated male attractiveness, and
2) The surprise factor — someone I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

SFCatty and I will discuss your suggestions over lunch and vote on a winner. Because we are the goddesses of romance you all know and love, there is no appeal from our decision, and don’t complain if you don’t like it. (Right — what’s not to like about more dripping wet guys?)

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Many will enter, few will win. (Yall knew I was gonna throw in some lawyer talk, didn’t you?) And just so everyone feels like they had a fair shot, we will draw a second place winner at random.

The prizes? Oh, they are fabitty fabulous! The winner gets his/her (yes, this is an equal opportunity contest) choice of a signed Suzanne Enoch historical (By Love Undone) or a signed Angie Fox paranormal (The Dangerous Book for Demonslayers). The second place winner gets the other.

You have 24 hours. Hit me with your best shot — your most unexpected source for serious male yumminess. We will announce the winner as soon as SFCatty and I have done sufficient research, checking out all your suggestions online. (Oh, how we Sizzlers suffer for our followers!) Make sure you check back, in case I don’t know how to forward you your prize. Don’t delay, enter today!!!

Oh, and I didn’t forget the male pulchritudinousness for the week! The only word for this week’s guest is “Viggolicious”:

Editing Will Make You Crazy


Editing. It is what we must all agreed to be a necessary evil. I am deep in the midst of a massive edit of my Historical ms, and it makes me nuts.

See, I got some crits back from a contest that said I was using too many “ings” and “lys” (gerunds and adverbs, if you listen to sfcatty). So I went through and edited them all out. I was ruthless. Totally without any ruth when it came to ings and lys. So I sent my lovely (argh, adverb! strike that!) nice new edited ms to another contest, expecting it to score higher, now that it wasn’t getting dinged for having ings and lys.

But I scored LOWER. All that work, no more ings and lys, just to lower my grade? Whassupwiddat?  Didn’t anyone notice the stellar lack of ings and lys?

You know what? I don’t think so. I think sometimes you get a judge who has an ing/ly fetish. Sometimes you get a judge who has kittens if you change POV more than once in a chapter. Sometimes you get one (sorry, sfcatty) who doesn’t know basic vocab for the genre you wrote.  And sometimes you don’t. Luck of the draw.

And so now I am going back through, editing not for ings and lys, not for headhops, or anything like that, but for what I (that would be me, the author, remember me?) wants this book to say. And maybe no one will ever read it.

Or maybe it will get published one day. Even with an ing and a ly here and there.

But the important thing is the inspiration. Here is today’s:

Yummy Tudor Hotness

Yummy Tudor Hotness!

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