Badurday- June 4, 2011- Clive Standen

My favorite Clive is Clive Owen  but there is another Clive from the British Isles that’s pretty  amazing himself. His name is Clive Standen.  He’s played in a number of great shows, most notably as Robin Hood’s Brother on the BBC television series. He’s also played a character on Dr. Who.  What I’m enjoying him in right now is a series on the Starz channel. It’s called Camelot and has the amazing Joseph Fiennes as Merlin  in it as well. Clive plays Sir Gawain and man, he is some kind of hot. I love a man in breeches and one that’s not afraid to get dirty.  Enjoy a taste of Clive Standen. Check him out in some of his roles if you have a hankering to drool a bit.

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